How To Write a Great Resume

In these hard times, being unemployed is the hardest its ever been. Unemployment is close to 10% and this will make it difficult for just about anyone looking for a job. So what can you do to make sure that you stand out and actually get an interview. You can have a great resume!

Having been in the business world for some time, I have interviewed countless amount of people and can tell you that most people that don’t get an interview have a poor resume. This is the simplest and easiest thing you can do to ensure success. Here are some general tips to remember when writing a resume.

  1. Do not make spelling and grammar errors.
  2. Be truthful, and do not lie.
  3. Tell your story through your resume.
  4. List accurate dates between jobs
  5. Bullet point your achievements
  6. Use relevant (to the job you are applying for) duties under each job
  7. List accomplishments, not duties under each bullet.
  8. Make sure to not repeat your accomplishments between each jobs
  9. Make your resume count, 1-2 pages at most
  10. Do not lie about your education
  11. Be careful to pick a clean and professional format
  12. Use simple words, that your reader will understand.
  13. Be prepared to explain and speak of the process you used  to achieve
  14. Ensure your personal info is up to date

You can put any resume to this test and ensure that it meets the criterias listed above. If you pass the test, then feel free to post/send your resume.