How I Door Knocked To Obtain Not One, But Four Luxury Listings


So many agents overlook the simple art of door knocking. When I started I could count on my hands how many agents I knew that were doing it. I value the human interaction much more than I do social media, direct mail, and even the telephone. Actually meeting someone, physically shaking their hand and selling yourself to them is much more enjoyable and more lucrative than trying to do so with just a simple letter alone or just a regular Facebook posts that’s not specifically tailored to your target audience. The true businessman would take all avenues available to find the best one that fits him/her and use them to his/her advantage. At the time I started real estate, which was not too long ago, I had a very small budget so I used what fit me best at the time, which was direct mail, phone calls, and most importantly door-knocking! It’s helped great kicking off my business, but had been an even greater sharpener of me as a businessperson and salesman.

Up until this point, we have gathered a list of expired luxury listings and provided them with a comprehensive expired listing letter that provided our expertise on why the home did not sell and the many different variables that come into play affecting that sale. We then followed up with a competitive market analysis that is showcasing 1. Our familiarity with the market but also 2. Our pricing expertise, along with how we arrived at said price with concrete evidence. Thus far we have provided a great amount of value, and if we have not heard from the sellers fro an appointment after those two steps, it is only right and I consider it my own personal civil duty to pay them a visit, I know they want to sell but if they truly need to sell I know, that I can sell it no excuses so its only right that I help them get what they want, at all means necessary.

Be ready for the following, I don’t care how many expired listings your working on said day if it’s too much, then build a system you can handle and do that.

  1. Know the homeowner’s first and last name. I remember offended so many sellers simply because I did not ask for them by name but instead went with is the homeowner available.
  1. Know what information you sent out; don’t just read out the documents in your briefcase. The sellers are going to expect you to know why your at their house, don’t just read off your documents to remember, try to get all that in order before knocking.
  1. Be prepared to get “interviewed” on the spot. I can’t even count how many times this has happened, but I can tell you my first couple of luxury listings that I got interviewed right on the spot and was expected to know and have everything I needed to list the home but most importantly make my case on pricing in person because anyone can write a letter.
  1. Don’t lie, if they ask you a question you don’t know, truly say that and you will get the right answer for them. Sad truth of our business, so many agent out there will agree with the sellers just because they are rich, or are intimidated by them for some odd reason. This in turn can lead to lies, little and big lies on the value of the home simply because of greed or just scared to say that they truly don’t know. Don’t be that guy.
  1. Remember you’re selling yourself first, not your company. You are your own brand and business: I think out of all these, this is the most important! I’ve seen many agents come in and start off a pitch by my company ABC realty has done this, and can do this. That means nothing to sellers, they want to 1. Like and trust you and 2. Know what you have done not what other agents in your brokerage have done.

Most importantly to end this article, have fun and truly love what you’re doing. There are many rough days, but at the same time many rewarding days in this business. If you love real estate and even more so luxury real estate don’t think at any moment that you can’t succeed because your not rich or are not living the life the sellers of these homes are. That’s a bullshit excuse to be blunt, I’ve done it and have listed ten million dollars worth of real estate off of the steps I’ve shared with you all. Don’t believe me? Contact me, I’ll be glad to show you and help you at anytime.

Alexander Lopez is the founder of The Lopez Group, New Buffalo, Michigan's premier team of Real Estate Professionals with Sotheby's International Realty, specializing in unique, luxury, and waterfront homes. Alexander Lopez and The Lopez Group are in the process of expanding their expertise to the great city of Chicago.