How Do You ACTUALLY Make Money Online?

I’m often asked, “How can my efforts translate to ACTUALLY making money online?”

The answer is simple: focus on activities that provide the maximum ROI possible… and leave everything else alone.

Far too many spend inordinate time, energy and resources “trying” to identify what works and endure unnecessary, painstakingly frustrating trial and error in the process. Translation — they’re looking to create their own wheel.

This is a HUGE mistake. You never want to create your own wheel. You simply want to paint it your own color.

Model what others are doing — especially those who have spent UNGODLY sums of money getting things right — and apply their strategies to your business by putting your own spin on it.

Machiavelli once said that, “A prudent man should always follow in the footsteps of great men and imitate those who have been outstanding.” And while I do agree that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, replicating the actions of those you admire is just plain brilliant.

If others have forged a proven path to your destination, why WOULDN’T YOU walk in their footsteps?

If you want to make REAL money online, look at the companies that invest BILLIONS in R&D annually. Most businesses have trouble attaining the letter M in front of their annual revenue, let alone a B. Why WOULDN’T YOU leverage the research, development and tactics these successful organizations leverage on a daily basis?

(Need an example or two…? How about Apple or Amazon??)

Avoid efforts in futility (trying to figure this game out on your own) whenever possible as, most often, these initiatives only result in pain. (Know how to tell who the trailblazers are? They’re the ones with arrows in their backs.)

Apply what’s proven to work to your business and watch the magic unfold. (How do you know what works? Follow the path from an awesome email subject line that grabs your attention — to the email copy — to the site link — to the product page — to the product photo and description — to the order page — to the up-sells offered, etc. There’s the PATH!)

And, ask yourself, “What compelled me to buy??!!” Why did you open that particular email? What is it about that subject line that captured your attention? What is it about that sender that makes you feel the need to open their correspondence?

There are subconscious triggers that fire BEFORE you take negative (no action) or positive (buying what’s offered) action. Turn the light switch ON and become aware as to how you respond to what enters your line of sight. Right now, your actions are INSTINCTUAL. You’re a caveman acting on primal desire.

Shift to making your actions INTENTIONAL and gain conscious awareness of your consumer-driven behaviors.

Once you recognize how the pros attain your devotion, you can begin honing in on how you can motivate your tribe to shift from being passive visitors to being active participants… and eventually, evangelists. And, when you’re able to facilitate this shift, making REAL money online is not far behind.

What have you found to be the most effective strategies for making money online?

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