Do Online Surveys Really Work?

We have discussed many new ways to make money in the past few weeks and now look at one idea that has many trying to make money with no real results to be reported which leaves the question: Do Online surveys really work?

Well, that can be a tricky question as there are millions of different surveys out there and it makes it hard to simply answer. So lets discuss which ones work and which ones don’t.

When thinking about the ones that don’t work, we think of pyramid schemes first and we must recall that they usually require you to pay a fee before making money, which in other words means that they get rich before you do, if you ever do. The world of surveys essentially works the exact same way, some require you to pay and some pay you. So don’t fall for it.

Remember we are in an age of information and web marketing is very valuable to large companies, so they want your opinion and data to resell to others and thats why they are willing to pay you in some cases. The bad sites will usually be recognized as they are full of spam, extra pop up windows and unlimited offers that seem too good to be true, which essentially drives you crazy and they collect half the info without paying you or cause your computer to crash. That’s a total scam and is very obvious form your first visit to their site.

The good ones on the other hand have great disclosures, are very upfront about what you must do to be eligible and often offer smaller rewards that are real but more importantly don’t require you to pay any fees to acquire access to the world of surveys. The fact that they ask for nothing is usually a good sign but remember that with either type of survey, simple difficult trust worthy or not, please make sure to read the fine print and understand how and when you get paid. Disclosures are an important piece of a real business and set the guidelines that are often unread. Lack of a disclosure usually means that the corporation behind the action is very small, amateur or simply a rip off and shouldn’t be dealt with.

Another thing you should know is that your information is sold to other affiliates and might be shared with just about anybody, which essentially is what they are buying your privacy.

So before jumping on and putting your personal info all over the world, as yourself if the money you are receiving in exchange is worth the hassle and save yourself a big headache by never giving out your credit card info.