Distractions = Failure

In a recent discussion with some friends regarding the all mighty and popular Angry Birds game, a thought came to mind that some of you might enjoy reading about. The game is very popular and has generated millions for the creator who sold it after 8 years of fighting with perfecting it. As users, lets try to think how many hours of your productive life are wasted on such meaningless distractions, or should I ask how much of your life is wasted on distractions. People will tell you that you need balance work/life and distractions are somewhat necessary to balance out all the hard work but I challenge you to a different and higher thinking.

We discussed being at stake and the massive push our mind can undertake when at stake and when faced with a sense of urgency. Well lets look at this from another angle and think of the weak impact that distractions have on making your mind lazy. The world around us doesn’t stop, and other entrepreneurs around you don’t sleep, others are smarter and others have more experience and therefore how will you become the next great thing?

Success starts in the mind with making a statement to yourself, not one where you choose to be rich but rather one where you decide to never give up until you see your idea become successful. Once that has been established, the only thing keeping you from becoming the next big thing is YOU. Success is about an entrepreneur taking an idea and executing it relentlessly until it succeeds. Regardless of how many mistakes are made, how much research is done, the goal is to find a proper execution and push it to the next level to completion. Many will understand this concept and many will say they are doing their best but ultimately those with the most self discipline will be the ones taking the next step and overworking their competition to victory.

Distractions exist all around us, from friends and family to the simplest websites like Facebook. Side items can get distracting and very time consuming but ultimately can stall you from your goals and ambitions. Remember that every great entrepreneur made a sacrifice at some point in his life to see his first project to completion, regardless that it is time or the opportunity cost of their money, their sacrifice was required for their success. Money that is lost can usually be remade at some point, but the ultimate sacrifice is the time you spend on your project which believe me can consume your entire life. Making this sacrifice worthwhile and making sure that your time off your project is spent in a meaningful way helping you remain motivated rather than dragged into a world of games or stupidity that leads nowhere.

What I am trying to tell you is that the most committed wins and the ones with the most control over themselves are much more likely going to succeed than the ones who easily lose focus and momentum in their own work. Work at your fullest everyday and push your limits to achieve your goals and keep in mind that no one is going to put you back on track but you so why derail to begin with.