Art of Entrepreneurship – Chase the Game, NOT Money

In today’s world, it is indeed difficult to look away from money and the power it holds to bringing so much happiness to your life. In today’s business world, there is almost nothing money cannot solve and there is nothing that keeps you from making lots of it, or is there? We covered the importance of differentiating your brand in the last segment of Art of Entrepreneurship but this month will have a different conversation around expectations, timelines and ultimately goals… as it seems many in today’s world lose themselves at the sight of money…

In my first article about the art of entrepreneurship, I discussed the true meaning of an entrepreneur and the reality that makes many of us fail in our quest for success. One of which was our pursuit of the wrong things in our business. Many of us spend countless hours looking at things we enjoy, whether it is online, in a magazine or on TV, we love to imagine ourselves in the situations we dream of. Many of us start a business with money in mind and with the ultimate goal of making more of it but how many actually put the business before themselves?

I receive many emails from readers who tell me that their goal is to make money, to buy exotic cars and to own airplanes someday, and that they can’t wait for their 6 month old business to get them there, but instead they should really be asking themselves what they are doing for their business rather than vice versa. We live in a world dominated by money, but a world where the few that can overlook money for a greater purpose can come out victorious and successful. The chase and goals we set for ourselves need to be of relevance to the passions we hold and only then should we look at money as a reward, not a goal.

Chasing the game of success is much more appealing than chasing money, but also much more productive. Thinking of ways you can expand your business, increase your market share, leverage your community are all valid goals and all will reward you with money which will purchase the things you want. Ultimately, your goals from the beginning should be focused on your business growth and execution and on the constant pursuit of perfection, perfection which only exists as you know it.

Many make the mistake of chasing money, which ultimately leaves them poor as their quest for instant gratification leaves them spending money on themselves quickly instead of growing their business. This money which may bring them immediate satisfaction will leave them empty shortly thereafter and will keep them away from growing their business as distractions will be created as a result of that chase.

Entrepreneurship is much more than making money, its about the game of business and being able to turn nothing into everything, turning a non existent entity into a brand or perhaps a way of life. Entrepreneurship is an ART that only a few master but many attempt to and simply fail. So remember that chasing rewards instead of growth and well being of an idea is simply a mistake you cannot afford to make and ultimately leaves your further from your goal when all the smoke disappears.

See you next month as we discuss if giving up can work out in your favor…