Are Men better Entrepreneurs than Women?

We have seen a significant rise in woman taking on major leadership roles across major companies in the past decade but have yet to see such an increase in woman going in business for themselves and being noted as top entrepreneurs; which begs the question… Are Men better Entrepreneurs than Woman?

If you have been following our Art of Entrepreneurship segment then you are very familiar with the qualities that make up a successful entrepreneur and the mindset required to see a project to the very end, so why is it that woman are simply not amongst those ranks and as popular as male figures in this world?

Here is our take on it, women have always been in the past supporters of men. They were the ones who always made sure we stayed on track or ensured we had the tools we needed to be successful. The direction however was always set by men, and the process was carried on by women. Woman have been extremely successful in the business world because of that fact alone, their ability to support and grow an establishment already in place is unmatched as they are often people who conform to rules and organization and are quick at process improvement and efficiency. The world of entrepreneurship however requires a different skillset. It requires someone to start on their own, set the direction and then constantly see opportunities where others miss them within your field or scope. That skillset is one that men was forced to learn quite some time ago to provide for a family in most cases. The dynamics may have changed but the concept remains the same. Men also have a more significant hunger for materialistic things and are more inclined to get them themselves as they often cannot rely on their partner to get it for them. This mentality is somewhat old school but once again a part of our thinking today. It is still rare to find women who are attracted to inferior men than themselves, which is ultimately because MOST woman want to feel taken care from a monetary and emotional angle. Emotions also play an important role when it comes to entrepreneurship as you have to learn to be emotionless and realistic to make it. While some woman are capable of hiding their emotions, it is a fact that the majority do not and therefore allow their emotions to interfere with their life.

I believe that the society we live in is the reason why men are more successful than women in entrepreneurship but I also believe that as society progresses, we will see a more leveled playing field. It can also be said that if a a woman does have that entrepreneurship mindset, she is much more likely to be successful then her male counterpart as her attention to detail, process management and consistency will usually outdo that of a man.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree?