9 Apps Any Entrepreneur Must Use


The way we do and manage businesses in today’s world is certainly different than the way we used to do it 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. Desktop and mobile apps are without a doubt one of the fastest growing industries of the past decade and have impacted both our daily lives and businesses. Having apps for almost anything we’ve ever wanted and needed but still focusing on growing the business and enjoying real life can get pretty tough. Especially for some of us that have built business solely online.

As you will find out, the following 9 apps were chosen because their purpose is to make an entrepreneur’s life easier, allowing us to focus on the important things.

  1. Rescue Time

The time-saver app. It’s time tracking & management features will provide you with interesting facts about your productivity throughout the day. It shows exactly how you spend your time when using the computer. Basically, it tracks everything from the moment you log into the computer: browsed websites, applications used, even the files browsed. If you are serious about improving your productivity, focus and overall life-work balance it’s time to add RescueTime to your toolkit.

  1. Buffer

The must-have tool for social media management. Being one of the the intuitive and the most versatile app for managing your social media content, it takes minutes to configure and learn the platform. Buffer allows you to schedule, analyze and simultaneously post content on the main platforms. Save time, analyze and boost your social media performance with Buffer.

  1. Snappa

Simply one of the best graphic design tools built for increasing your social media engagement. In a matter of minutes you can create posters, banners, covers, thumbnails and much more. The beauty of Snappa lies in it’s simplicity and ease of use. The ready-made templates for the most popular social media platforms are high quality designed, inspired by the latest trends. I prefer Snappa over other similar platforms because of the huge amount of free stock images that they offer for use. Creating stunning design just got easier.

  1. Pocket

Pocket is a neat web platform and browser extension that saves conveniently in the cloud all the webpages, articles or blogs you want.

Here are 3 reasons why you should use Pocket:

  1. Cross-platform based. All articles saved from your PC will be available on your Android or iPhone device through Pocket app – and vice versa.
  2. Easy to use. It’s browser plug-ins and mobile phone shortcuts allows you to save any page in less than 2 seconds.
  3. Offline usage. This is a really helpful feature if you travel a lot. You can save a bunch of pages that you intend to read later even if you’re in a internet-free area (plane, subway, other countries etc.). Just you can just turn on your device and browse the saved collection.
  1. IFTTT

IFTTT (IF THIS THEN THAT) is a highly useful automation app for your computer and other electronics. The app allows you to create or browse recipes (automation processes).

The most fascinating thing about the app is the wide range of automation processes that you can use in your daily life – anything from saving Facebook pictures you are tagged, to tracking your working hours in Google Sheets. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Evernote

Probably the most advanced app for note keeping that you’ll find. Evernote is a platform that records and saves all your thoughts, notes, photos – whatever you add – in the cloud. This way you can get to all of it from your computer, smartphone or tablet. If you need a place to keep all the articles, thoughts, notes – anything almost – Evernote is a good starting point.

  1. Scannable

A very easy to use and highly practical app to use in the office: Scannable.

The app does exactly what the name suggests: it scans any type of document, photo, flyer, business card through your smartphone’s camera.

Point your smartphone’s camera to the object needed scanned and let Scannable do the rest. In about 2 seconds you’ll have the digitalised copy in your phone.

Other interesting features of the service: edit, enhance, save as picture, save as PDF, share or email.

  1. F.Lux

If the computer is keeping you up late, F.Lux is a must have app. Studies have shown that exposure to “blue light” emitted by electronics is potentially dangerous for your health. F.Lux is designed to reduce eye strain, prevent disruption of normal sleeping patterns, basically allowing you to sleep better and eliminate the risk of “blue light” exposure. F.Lux will automatically warm up the display at night, in order to match the indoor lightning.

  1. Sleep Cycle

Trouble waking up? Sleep Cycle might be the solution for you. Due to its advanced sound detection algorithm, the app monitors your sleep patterns and wakes you up in your lightest sleep phase. This way you will always wake up feeling naturally rested. Give it a try, you’ll be surprised!

Choose your daily apps wisely and try keep your apps toolkit lightweight. Figure out which ones are really helping you out and which one are wasting your time. It’s very easy to get trapped into the infinite space of apps so be smart about it.

As a final word, give these apps a try and let me know which one work for you the best. Don’t forget to stay productive and enjoy real life!

Like you, online marketing expert, Andrei Negrău shows a genuine passion for business, science, and self-development. He is the founder of Lifemore, a premium supplements company whose values mirror his: quality, innovation, trust, and passion for human optimization. His ambition and ingenuity led Lifemore to be the preferred choice of a growing number of active-minded people and top performers such as entrepreneurs, CEOs, and athletes around the world.