7 Tips to Increase Your Entrepreneurial Focus and Make More Money


Focus is the key to entrepreneurial success. However, having complete focus is a lot harder than you would think. When I talk with my students that are having trouble with their trading or are not where they want to be from a financial standpoint, the common theme is a lack of focus. They know they want to be rich, travel, help their family, and live a badass life, but they haven’t figured out how they are going to get there.

Before following any of the steps below, you MUST figure out what you want to do. Whether you’re going to build a business around your passion or you’re an opportunist and found an innovative way to make money, you must remain focused on one thing. Shiny object syndrome is a real problem and will lead you down a path to ultimate failure. Focus on one thing and master it, then decide whether you want to add a new stream of income.

For those that have already figured that part out, below are 7 tips to stay focused day to day and get your work done.


This is probably the most important tip I could give you. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a long walk, or taking up a martial art, exercise is going to give you more energy and keep you in the game longer every day. Exercise, accompanied by a proper diet, will significantly increase your energy and mental clarity. I would recommend taking up circuit training, as it will help build a tougher mindset since getting through a session is both physically and mentally tough. For diet, add MCT oil and a lot of greens to your diet. Try fasting in the morning or for a full day as it will reset your body and make you feel great! I would also recommend shopping organic. It can be expensive, but that is just one more reason to get rich.

Develop Muscle Memory

Building habits will take a little time, but it is well worth it. Every day you repeat specific actions your mind is building muscle memory, and before you know it those actions will become a habit. It takes 66 days to form a new habit so decide what you want to make a habit and stick to it.

Escape To Your Focus Place

Distractions are all around us, especially when we’re at home. Friends, partners, hobbies, family, partying, and many other things can distract you from what is important. When I had to create my first trading course, I left home and went to Destin, Florida. It is an inspiring place, and there was no one there to distract me. It just so happens I loved it enough to make it my current home. This isn’t meant to be a permanent thing (unless you want it to). Find a place and go on AirBnB and escape for short periods of time when you have to complete important projects.

Get A Stand-Up Desk

Sitting is the death of all energy. Save up and invest in a stand-up desk to stay energized and active throughout the day.

Take Naps

It is common to get tired during the day, especially when you’re working 80 hours a week like most entrepreneurs. Find time to take a break and nap for 10 minutes whether it is at your home or even in your car.

Have A Selfish Goal

Whether it is a flashy new car, expensive clothes, or popping bottles at your favorite nightclub, have a selfish goal that will get you excited. Create a plan to decide when you can buy what you want. For example, if you want a new $2000 Gucci coat, figure out how much you need to make before that purchase makes sense and make it happen.

Save Your Mental Capital

Every day I wake up, put on the same outfit, do the same routine, and I begin trading. The only thing I spend mental capital on is trading because that is what makes me money. Find things that make you money and do those things first. Finish everything else when that stuff is done. Your mental capital should be at its freshest point for your money-making activities.

These things will take time to perfect, but when you do you will take your entrepreneurial game to the next level. Contact me if you have any questions.

Kunal Desai is CEO of Bulls on Wall Street, a comprehensive trading course that imparts everything he’s learned as a trader and provides the mentorship that was so helpful to him as a new trader. He is also a full time day trader and runs his own hedge fund where his students trade.
Kunal is an active speaker and has spoken at many events including the Trader and Investor Summit, Traders4ACause gala event, Trading Mastery Summit, and been featured in numerous podcasts, and covered in the Huffington Post, BroBible, and Inc.com. He also has his own section on TheStreet. In 2015, he spoke alongside market luminaries such as Peter Brandt, Jack Schwager, and James Dalton.