5 Ways To Help Your Co-Workers

One can say that there are alot of sites out there that provide you with ways to improve and help yourself, however none tells you how you can help others.

For the first time, we decided to write about 5 different ways you can help those around you at work so that they too can benefit from your presence without ever giving you anything in return. To those of you who are thinking, ” why would I want to help the one next to me, I hate them,” well then consider this as an opportunity to change your outlook on things and see past what you are used to seeing each day. Feel the power of helping each other and find the fulfillment that you never thought possible at the place you work at now.

Unfortunately it is true that as a society, we are becoming more and more focused on everything for ourselves (more or so selfish in a way) and are slowly losing touch with what makes us human. We are losing touch with what we can do to better things for one another and continuously look out for our best interest. In some cases we allow our happiness to be the result of someone else’s sadness. The human touch and element are simply disappearing from our day-to-day interactions and we are gradually becoming a different breed of people. Think about how your organization looks at their clients, as if they are something other than human or even how you are told to make decisions that are best for your wallet, not for the people. Now, assume those roles were reversed and you were the client as you are in places you visit, and see how ridiculous it is that we argue over small things or how easy it is to get aggravated over bad service as people no longer work to serve others, but rather work to serve themselves to simply receive a paycheck. That is the reason why we need change and the reason we are going to show you 5 things you can do to help the guy or gal next to you instead of yourself.

1. Stop emailing, IMing, or updating Facebook status; go visit your actual co-workers.

It is very easy to get lost in emails, and it is so much simpler to avoid the human interaction and people’s emotions when communicating at work. It is so easy to hit send rather than walk over and ask someone for help. No matter if you are the boss, the employee, or the peer, it is imperative that you understand that standing up, walking over to your co-worker and asking them what you were going to email them will help them reconnect with you as a person and will help them get re-energized to finish their tasks harder.  We recommend a daily dosage on real-life interactions with those you work with everyday that sit the closest to you. Help them enjoy their work more!

2. Buy them coffee and take interest in what they are working on!

It’s called encouragement and support.  There are better ways than to simply ask what they need help on. We often want to offer help, but end up asking other professionals who might be too proud if they are struggling and they often will say “no” as a result of not wanting to look bad. By buying them coffee and taking interest in what they are working on, you are opening up a window for them to tell you more about their successes or challenges and possibly opening up a window for you to share what you do which might help their work. It is not them asking for help but rather you offering a time saving alternative. This can help them advance in their job, career, or even make them earn more incentives.

3. Take ownership in helping others when they fall.

We have all worked on  group projects or as part of a team.  It is important that next time a problem arises, we don’t simply look at our teammates and blame them, instead take responsibility in helping everyone come along to get the common goal accomplished on time, even if there is perhaps a weaker link. It is so much easier to blame failures on those who are weaker, but perhaps we forget that we once were the weaker links and that without proper guidance, mentorship, and help, we would have never been in a position to help those in need of help. Perhaps it is that human touch of friendship and coaching that helped us get there, and now we owe it to pass it forward and help others in need of that.

4. Own your co-worker’s growth.

During your next review or next time someone praises all your work, blame your success on some of your peers or even on some of your employees for helping you achieve your goals. Help them by giving them the recognition they deserve but also by positioning them well for their own growth as team players, despite not always eveyones being a team player or being as generous as you.  Yet this goes a long way to hear from others that you praised them for their work, and it helps eliminate any bad negativity that might have existed or perhaps re-enforce a great working relationship.

5. Share with them a new way to look at things.

It’s great to come to Secret Entourage daily and get motivated and its even better to learn a new skillset, but it is the ultimate feeling to help others see things differently and helping them get there too. Its not all about you, but rather about us, all of us that is. Help others by sharing a positive message daily regardless of the source. A neutral message to help make people’s day more productive and to show that you want their well being. Share good messages, good thinking and help others find the same amount of drive and support you have found for yourself.

There you have it! Fulfillment in a form you can apply daily. Trust us when we say that your work would be much more enjoyable if you actually spent time helping those around you rather than constantly focusing on you, and only you. We leave you this time with a video from a speaker we have much respect for named Simon Sinek, and we want you to pay close attention to its message and share this article and video in many places as you can…