4 Tips on How to Find a Mentor

 how to find a mentor

Since we always promote the importance of mentorship and why finding like minded people who have been there is an important factor in one’s success, here are a few tips on how to find, identify, and reach out to people for mentorship. Remember that very rarely will people take on someone random who reaches out but many very well established entrepreneurs don’t mind mentoring the right people.

Will power is easy to recognize.

While many believe that they have the next great idea or simply need the right mentor to get to the next level, many lack the will to take the next step. Mentors recognize will power and confidence and often have a bit of it themselves since they most likely succeeded already. It is very typical that what they are attracted to is will power rather than skillset, as their goal is to grow your skill but it is up to you to display and ensure that they see how badly you are working to get there. Dreamers need not apply, only do-ers.

You don’t find mentors, mentors find you.

Many always seek mentorship by asking wealthy people for tips, advice, and guidance. It is very difficult for people to find mentors that way. Most mentors typically enjoy giving tips and advice and often find themselves giving basic tips but only when they see others following their advice do they actually care to give you more. Mentors typically seek you out after 4-5 casual conversations and then decide to help you by simply offering to make themselves available. Don’t push people to offer free advice, instead show them you take the advice seriously and act on it.

How to be at the right place at the right time.

There is no such thing as any mentor, but rather the right mentor.  Relating to those you seek out for help is key to creating the initial connection. This doesn’t have to be business related. Instead, think of cars or fine dining/foods as common grounds. Where will you find successful business individuals with a passion for similar hobbies? Well look through the hobbies first and find common ground in your passions like at car shows and create conversation with those you want to be like. Once you find common ground, connect on social networks and show how you yourself hold common passion even if at a different level in your life.  People can appreciate others who seek the same thing as themselves especially if they were at the same place you were before.

Being relatable is key.

Acting as something you are not will simply turn off most genuine people and actually make it quite difficult to find someone who genuinely wants to help you. Instead focus on ensuring people can relate to you, your aspiration and your goals. The relatibility is the key to identifying the right mentors., so make sure you stay genuine.