4 Easy Ways to Turn a Prospect to a Happy Customer


According to Wikipedia, “A business, also known as an enterprise, agency or a firm, is an entity involved in the provision of goods and/or services to consumers…. in exchange for other goods, services, or money.” Logically, therefore, the more consumers (customers) a business owner has, the more money he/she makes. How then can you, as a business owner attract your prospects (potential customers) and convince them into becoming consumers (customers)?

Below are four easy ways you can do just that.

  1. Guarantee them Return on Investment (ROI)

Prove to your prospects that they will get the best returns on their money. Just like you don’t want to waste your money on ad campaigns and not get anything out of it, your prospects need to be sure that their money is not wasted after investing in your solution.

What do you do?

Sell your solution, and not your product. Good thing is, you already got the lead. They actually signed up to get more information about your product/service and the solution it provides. It means you had an effective marketing campaign.

But it doesn’t end there. You now have to prove to these prospects that you have the solution to their needs. Be confident of your product and its solution. When next you send them a mail, say something like “Are you ready to get 50 clients in less than 30 days? Reply this mail if you do” instead of saying “XYZ tool is used to gain up to 50 clients in one month”.

Get it? There are so many differences between the two, in terms of how the message about the duration, ROI, and solution is transmitted.

Let the prospect know why getting your solution is equal to putting their money to good use. And make sure you are telling the truth. Deceiving people to get them to buy your solution will not take you far, expect far away in jail… depending on what you did.

  1. Get Emotional about it

Yes, you should. We are all humans. We are all emotional beings and we allow our feelings dictate our actions. Use that to your advantage. Appeal to people’s emotions and you’ll get them to focus on your direction. People are always happy when they come in contact with others that can “connect with them on the emotional plane”. You can attest to that right?

You have to talk about your solution in a way that your prospects can easily relate with. Your product must “strike a chord” within them. For instance, instead of saying “a dress will make you look good”, you can tell the prospect that “confidence is a very important factor for peak performance”. Most importantly, show them how ‘successful’ they will look when they wear your dress.

You can equally remind them that how they are dressed determines how they will be addressed, and if they look the part, they are already halfway gone in becoming the part. Let them see the picture of them looking confident and successful in the dress you are selling, and you will sell them a bit more easily. Not just that, they will be happy giving you their money.

Another thing about emotions is inspiration. When people are inspired they ACT! And you need that “action” by prospects for your business to grow.

  1. Give out freebies, everybody likes them

Yes I know, you gave freebies to get them signed up. But sometimes, freebies do not have to cost you anything.

How do I mean? There are different industries and each industry possesses a vast array of things to give for free. But one thing is common among ALL industries. You want to know? It’s ADVICE.

So, you can actually give free advice. In the professional sense, you can call it consultancy. What will it cost you? Research! And that’s nothing because you, my friend are a researcher. All entrepreneurs are.

  1. Be consistent

Everyday when we wake up we all get so much information, adverts and commercials thrown our way from every part of the globe. All these things fight for your prospect’s attention, and it takes your being very consistent to convince them to get their attention and then do do business with you.

You have to keep on keeping on. Don’t just hang in there, live there. Don’t get tired easily because they didn’t buy the first time. Get more emotional about your presentations, and deliver them with better finesse. Get better points.

Understand your prospects. This is not the general demographic data of age, sex, occupation, and all what not. Know what they are likely to be thinking about, where they are found – online or offline, and who their friends are. Do they have kids? Are they seeking a promotion?

Do a little research on your prospects to find out how your service can benefit them individually. Do you know what this will do for your business? It’ll help you decipher how your message should be passed. It will show you when and where to pass your message. And when you have gotten the information you need, don’t give up after the first rejection. Dig your feet in and present again and again. Even when you are not trying to sell them directly, make sure they still get subtle hints from you that your service is the solution they need.

Doing that will guarantee that will turn those prospects to customers in no time.

Go get the clients!

Writer of TobyandKC
Toby Nwazor is an entrepreneur with a lot of hands-on experience in business start-ups, marketing, and customer service. He is equally a freelance writer and motivational speaker who believes that life is meant to be lived and not just existed in. He passionately writes every Monday and Wednesday on My Startup CEO about helping entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs build successful start-ups.