Young Entrepreneurs Webinar | Secret Entourage

How to Make Over $150,000 Without a College Degree

Learn how three young entrepreneurs (under the age of 25) created successful businesses earning over six-figures a year without a college degree while doing what they love.


Webinar Info

On this free webinar, three young entrepreneurs will show you how they built their companies and prove there is no age requirement to starting a business and that anyone can do it.

Pejman Ghadimi

Host of Secret Academy

Pejman is the founder of Secret Entourage and author of the best selling book Third Circle Theory. He is also the host of the Secret Academy and will be moderating this webinar.

Kiran Ravindra

Founder of Carbon Trim Solutions

Kiran created a best selling iPhone case accessory when he was 17 years old. It has now grown to a $40,000 per month ecommerce business while he is a junior attending college.

Andres Ocampo

Co-Founder of ENTRPRNR

Andres Ocampo co-founded ENTPRNR, a lifestyle clothing brand. His brand has grown exponentially into a movement supported by celebrities with sales over $150,000 annually. 

Damian Otero

CEO of Restyle Atlanta

Damian went from working at a mall kiosk selling hair and beauty accessories to now owning over 20 locations and on track to do $3 million in sales this year.

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