Secret Entourage Workshop | Secret Entourage

Learn the business principles that every business must have in order to experience recession-proof growth

September 7th, 2019 in Ft Lauderdale, FL

I've built and scaled 9 businesses past 7-figures, and interviewed over 350 millionaires and billionaires who have done the same. Now it's time for me to share our secrets...

In my nearly 20 years as an entrepreneur and founder of nine different seven-figure businesses, I have identified the key factors that separate businesses that reach $1,000,000 or more in revenue from the ones that do not.

I have designed a fool-proof system for growth around these business concepts that can help anyone reach 7-figures in revenue.

But to claim I knew these factors from the beginning when I started my journey as an entrepreneur would not be true. 

They have come as the result of hundreds of thousands of dollars spent, many late nights working on businesses, and countless failures.

Not to mention in-depth interviews with hundreds of other entrepreneurs who have been through the same.

When I finally did reach my first million in revenue, I was able to grow to $10 million even quicker as I had now identified the process, pattern, and strategy necessary to do so.

I've applied my foolproof strategy to 8 separate businesses, all in different industries and platforms, to also grow them to 7-figures in revenue in much quicker time, with fewer mistakes.

Best of all, these same concepts have helped hundreds of my own personal coaching students to do the same.

For the final time this year, I'm hosting a private business mastery workshop on Sept 8th in Ft Lauderdale, FL to help coach a small group of individuals to do the same.

Regardless if you are just bouncing around ideas, or you are stuck making 5-figures a year, it's time for you to end this year strong, so that 2019 can be the year you reach $1,000,000 in revenue.

Meet Your Host

Founder of Secret Entourage

Pejman Ghadimi

Pejman Ghadimi is a self-made entrepreneur, philosopher and the author of the best selling books Third Circle Theory & RADIUS. Over the last 20 years, Pejman has built a multitude of businesses ranging from a one-of-a-kind investment firm that focuses on alternative asset management known as VIP Motoring to a series of online education businesses including Secret Entourage, Exotic Car Hacks and Watch Trading Academy that have reshaped what and how people learn. In 2018, Pejman's companies finished the fiscal year with over $87,000,000.00 in combined revenue. A byproduct of his very own teachings, Pejman is the perfect example of how resourcefulness and self-education are the two most powerful keys to success. Today, Pejman is a mentor to over 36,000 students from across the globe and his teachings have created many 6, 7, and 8-figure Entrepreneurs.