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Learn how to Become a better entrepreneur and build the foundation for a 7-figure business in 12 months or less

Introducing the 7-Figure Entrepreneur Curriculum

In my nearly 20 years as an entrepreneur founder of nine different seven-figure businesses and business coach to over 35,000 companies, I have identified the key factors that separate businesses that reach $1,000,000 in revenue from the ones that do not.

I have designed a fool-proof curriculum around these concepts that can help anyone reach 7-figures in revenue.

To claim I knew these factors from the beginning when I started my journey as an entrepreneur would not be true. They have come as the result of hundreds of thousands of dollars spent, many late nights working on businesses, and countless failures.

When I finally did reach my first million in revenue, I was able to grow to $10 million even quicker as I had now identified the process, pattern, and strategy necessary to do so.

The 7-Figure Entrepreneur Curriculum outlined below is the culmination of 20 years of business experience that I have personally used to launch multiple businesses that gross in excess of $50 million annually.

Here's What You'll Learn In The Curriculum

The 7-Figure Entrepreneur Curriculum is a collection of all my best resources, courses, books, and more to help you go from having just an 'idea', to starting and growing your business, to eventually getting it to a place where you can quit your day job to focus on it full-time. Here's a breakdown of the 8 parts that make up the 7-Figure Entrepreneur Curriculum.

Establish The Baseline for Entrepreneurship

  • How to understand your own self-imposed and societal ‘limitations’ and break through them so you no longer have excuses.
  • How to overcome inaction so you can act quickly on ideas without feeling stuck or feel like you lack direction.
  • How to identify the right opportunities and determine if these ideas are suited for you to bring to life.
  • The key differences between being a business owner and being an entrepreneur. This separates people who buy themselves a job vs creating long term wealth.

Enhance Self-Awareness and Mindset

  • How to take ownership and alter the circumstance you were born in, in order to build a strong foundation for yourself.
  • Learn where passion comes from and how to discover yours to create fulfillment for yourself while defining your purpose.
  • How to adapt to others perception of you so that you can manipulate society and the status quo for your own benefit.
  • Learn what differentiates visionaries like Elon Musk, Walt Disney, or Steve Jobs from the rest of us, and how you too can define your legacy through entrepreneurship.

Create the Roadmap to 7-Figures

  • Learn the five pillars of business that all businesses needs to go through in order to reach $1,000,000 in sales, or be considered an empire.
  • How to know if your idea is a product people actually want, and how to identify if this product has a viable revenue model behind it.
  • How to scale faster by recycling your customer and resources so that you don’t have to start from zero again.
  • How to penetrate your market and reach your ideal customer. We'll show you how to get your message in front of the right person, at the right time.

Understand Money, Credit, and Wealth

  • Learn the power of supply and demand, and how to leverage it to make great financial decisions.
  • Why debt is not always bad and how to leverage credit instead of cash to turn liabilities into assets.
  • How to increase your take home income at least 20% by implementing our unique savings method.
  • Learn how to create, not just income, so that your money can work for you and build passive income.

Learn Sales Process and Psychology

  • How to sell anything to anyone, even if you have no prior experience, by using a people centric approach.
  • How to position the value of a product/service and create the want, regardless of how much you are charging.
  • Typical objections you’ll encounter during the sales process and how to overcome them.
  • How to craft the perfect sales pitch so that you face less rejection during cold outreach.

The Art of Scaling Your Business

  • Learn the three skills all entrepreneurs needs to master and how to cultivate those skills into talent.
  • Learn the two phases of conceptualizing an idea that takes out the guesswork if there is a need for it, but also the financial risk and reward.
  • How to scale your business using multiple verticals so your income isn’t tied to one revenue stream.
  • Learn the five areas a business needs to focus on after launch for exponential growth.

Become a Better Leader, Not Manager

  • How to become the driver of change and influence others to buy into your idea or vision.
  • Learn the best ways to find great talent, but also how to motivate them to keep morale high.
  • How to cultivate a company culture that drives work towards a common vision or goal.
  • The one key difference that separates leaders from managers, and how to foster a path of personal and professional growth for your team.

The Art of Entrepreneurship

  • How to master and overcome fear: the fear of failure and the fear of rejection.
  • Learn the difference between passion and emotion, and how both play a vital part in your growth and success as an entrepreneur.
  • Learn how to stay self-motivated even when the times get tough to ensure you stay the course.
  • How to make decisions based on logic, not emotion for the benefit of your company.

Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur

  • Why you can't depend on Corporate America and how it promotes a false opportunity with no loyalty.
  • How to build and manage your business on the side while working a 9-5 job without sacrificing your work.
  • How to assess the risk of becoming a full-time entrepreneur to better prepare yourself for the leap of faith.
  • How to successfully commit to entrepreneurship and make that transition smoothly without financial impact.

Here's what students are saying

Here are just a few of my students who have gone through the curriculum. Listen to them explain in their own words how it has helped them become better entrepreneurs and build a more successful and lasting business.

Frequently asked questions

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