Featured Photographer – Oskar Bakke

This months featured photographer comes all the way from the other side of the globe in Stockholm, Sweden. If you didn’t know any better, you’d probably think these photos were taken by a professional and pulled from a brochure. However, like all of our other features, Oskar is young talent at 18 years old.  His sense of style has differentiated himself from most photographers who simply just take snap shots. Oskar has certainly raised the bar in our eyes.

I first saw Oskar’s work on Flickr sometime last year. Unlike most Flickr members, Oskar only updates his Flickr when he has captured the right picture and with the right editing. That is why his Flickr portfolio is a little smaller than others. I’ll take quality over quantity any day. Other photographers usually upload a bunch of random pictures with no significance. So when Oskar updates his portfolio then you know you’re in for a treat.

Continuing the trend as our last featured photographers, Oskar is a car enthusiast at heart. His photos primarily consist of exotic cars from around the world. Oskar normally shoots in Sweden but has traveled as far as Florida for photography work. He also loves skiing and has had the privilege to work with Jon Olsson, a professional skier whose Lamborghini LP670 SV is featured on this page.

Oskar started out with a Nikon D80 and has moved up to a Nikon D300. He primarily uses a wide angle Sigma 10-20mm but also has a 50mm f1.4 and a couple of flashes. Eventually, Oskar plans to upgrade to a full frame camera.

Oskar tries to go for a surreal look with his photos. He post processes his pictures in Photoshop to create that look, sometimes even taking days just to perfect the right image. Once Oskar visualizes what he wants, he will do what it takes to make sure it is perfect.

Oskar is still a student with big dreams ahead. They always say do what you love and that is simply what Oskar plans to do. During the winter season Oskar would like to work as a professional ski photographer. The rest of the time he would like to work for an online publication or company to perform automotive photography.

As they say a picture is a thousand words and I’ll let Oskar’s pictures do the talking. At only 18, he will only improve here on out. We’ll keep in touch with Oskar and bring you the latest of his work.

If you would like to contact Oskar for professional photography work, you can contact him and check out his full portfolio at Oskar Bakke Photography.