Cost of Ownership of an Exotic Luxury Car

In our last installment we covered the cost of ownership of an exotic car, so here we go again but this time we are going to deep dive in the cost of ownership of exotic luxury cars, like the Bentley Continental GT, Rolls Royce Phantom, Aston Martin DB9, and the Mercedes AMG line up.

All of those cars are spectacular and unlike exotic sport cars, they are meant to be driven everyday; but are they really worth the dollar per mile?

We take another look into what it really cost to drive your dream ride…

1) Rolls Royce Phantom

The king of the throne Rolls Royce Phantom, which is big brother to our newly reviewed RR Ghost is just about one of the most expensive cars to maintain and takes the cake for being the most expensive one of our list. Annual Maintenance costs of $3900 and an oil change for $650. This outrageous luxury boat on wheels is phenomenal but may not be the best option after its 4 year warranty is up. The umbrellas in the doors cost $600 a piece so imagine what the cost of repairs is on a transmission job. The cost of ownership for the RR Phantom might be high, but as we said it in the Ghost review, you get what you pay for.

2) Bentley Continental GT

The Bentley Continental GT has always been one of my all time favorite daily drivers. It is a superb blend of luxury and sport, refined by an unmatched quality of craftsmanship found all over the car but it does come at a price. The cost of ownership on the Bentley makes it the second most expensive car to maintain in our line up. Basic oil changes will run you $500 annually, while yearly service will vary from $1400 to $2500 depending on what you need done. We estimated that the average cost of driving a 2005 Bentley GT 10,000 miles per year was $3200 assuming nothing broke.

The cost of the maintenance on the Bentley is not that bad, but can give you a heart attack should it break outside of its warranty period. Most dealer charge over $140 an hour to work on Bentley cars and parts are rare and expensive, but more importantly almost non existent in the aftermarket world. You better have a great relationship with your Bentley dealer.

3) Aston Martin DB9

The Aston Martin DB9 is simply fabulous and very stylish. A step above the Vantage, the DB9’s V12 engine makes it a bit more expensive to maintain but not as bad as you’d expect. The typical oil changes will run you about $400 and the annual maintenance alternates from $1200 to $2600. The car is clutch less and therefore saves you from big money spend on E-Gear clutches every 10,000 miles and makes it a great option for a daily driver. Unexpected repairs on the other hand can be extravagant as we did hear that a hose under the car’s replacement cost was $1600 for the part only. We do however give big thumbs up to the DB9 for being reasonable in maintenance cost, compared to its peers. The car’s unlimited mileage 3 years warranty may not last long but can be renewed at a very reasonable $3500 per year which is much cheaper than the first repair bill you will repair should you break down.

4) Mercedes S65 AMG/Cl65 AMG

Last but not least, the Mercedes AMG. Particularly the S65 and CL65 which both offer luxury and brutal power in one conservative package. As a matter of fact, these cars are some of the fastest on the road thanks to their V12 Bi-Turbo engines and are known to be usable daily without many glitches. The cost of ownership of these AMG cars isn’t cheap but in no way close to the cost of those mentioned above. The S65 and CL65 run typical $500-$1000 per year in annual services, and usually about $2000 for their 30,000 mile service.

These cars cost close to $200,000 new and are very understated for the money you spend but are much more reliable on the long term than the other luxury exotic cars reviewed above. The cost of repairs on the other hand outside of the warranty period is not to be taken lightly especially if components of the airmatic suspension goes out. The last bill we saw for one side alone was upwards of $4200.

Reality remains that based on where you live and who you know at your dealer, the cost of ownership of any car will vary. In our case, we have personal experience with some of these cars and others were inquiries made to our local dealer who charged us a “fair” price when quoting us. No matter which car’s ownership cost you consider, the outcome will still lead to lots of money spent unexpected repairs. The actual maintenance cost, despite bad is still reasonable in proportion with the cost of the car bit still can leave a dent in your wallet if you are not prepared. Remember that just because you can find one of these exotic cars for less than 1/2 of its original worth, you should still consider that repairs will not be proportionate to that price but rather the original MSRP. A $300,000 Rolls Royce will always have repairs that equal a $300,000 car no matter what you bought it for, so pick your next exotic luxury car carefully and make sure to educate yourself on its cost of ownership.

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