Supercar Sunday

We had a chance to stop by the infamous Supercar Sunday while we were in California. We had previously covered the event a year ago at a different location. The original location was shut down due to numerous complaints. Luckily they were able to find a new spot to meet. Southern California is what we consider car heaven. Everything from rat rods to low riders to exotics can be found roaming the streets. It was no surprise to me that this Supercar Sunday had a great variety of cars. Supercar Sunday has a tradition of featuring one marquee or model at the end of every month. The Corvette ended up being the featured model for the month. Enjoy the pics!

First car I noticed was the Balboni LP550-2 next to the matching orange 997 GT3 RS. Both cars alike in many ways but so different. I’d get the Lambo!

Parked a few spots over from the GT3 RS was Steve Goldfield’s matte black Ferrari F430 still sporting its Goldrush Rally livery. Great to see him living it up.

Hidden among numerous old American cars was this sleek and sexy Porsche Carrera GT. Definitely a true hyper car.

Al and Ed’s Autosound Gallardo Superleggera sporting a Tecnocraft carbon fiber hood and carbon fiber LP560 style front bumper. Love it all but the wheels…

This isn’t your ordinary Mercedes! This is a Mercedes CLK DTM AMG. One of only 100 made and one of the only ones in the USA. Talk about rare! How he got this road legal we will never know…

A pair of track ready Lotus’s. With these being dirt cheap it would make for a great dedicated track car.

No less than a dozen Ford GT’s showed up. I personally love the Ford GT and would like to add one to the stable.

While walking among the Ford GT’s I walked by this Ford GT until I noticed the license plate said “GTX1” The GTX1 was a roadster version of the Ford GT with more power. This GTX1 featured a Heffner Twin Turbo system. Stay tuned for more posts about Heffner Performance!

What is a Supercar Sunday without a Murcielago? Unfortunately this was the only one I saw.

Every kids dream car in the 1980s: the Lamborghini Countach. You know you had a poster on your wall too.

Another classic Lamborghini. The beautiful Lamborghini Miura. The Miura features one of the best car designs ever made.

I’m not sure what model Porsche this was. A 993 twin turbo or a 993 GT2 perhaps? Either way the pearl white finish looked great.

That’s all for this weeks coverage of Supercar Sunday.  If you are visiting Los Angeles and looking for a quality car meet then head to Supercar Sunday in Woodland Hills, CA 7am – 10am.

Here is the address for Supercar Sunday:
Westfield Promenade Mall
6100 Topanga Canyon Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA 91367