Supercar Sunday – 3/27

supercar sunday ferrari italia

We all think California is always sunny and perfect weather, but truth be told it has been raining more than ever in Los Angeles. Last Sunday was supposed to be the Ferrari marquee day at Supercar Sunday but due to light rain, many of the original Ferrari owners were hesitant to come out. The Ferrari marquee has since been rescheduled however last Sunday our good friends at F1RST Motoring Apparel joined other car enthusiasts who weren’t scared of the rain. Check out the coverage by F1RST!

Ferrari Testarossa, always reminds us of Miami Vice. Styling has definitely changed through out the years.

ferrari testarossa

ADV1 Wheels spotted in the wild on this Corvette Z06. ADV1 Wheels make any car looks good.

adv1 corvette z06

Not sure if the 599 deserves the GTO name. Still think the 288 GTO as one of the best Ferrari’s ever but this was a clean black on black 599 GTO.

ferrari gto

A very clean Porsche 997 Turbo on the popular HRE Monoblock wheels like we had on our Porsche too.

porsche 911 turbo hre monoblock

The first hellaflush Ferrari 550?

ferrari 550

ferrari 550m

A pair of classic Porsche 911’s. The green one looks great with the body kit and kermit the frog green color.

porsche classic

porsche 911 classic

The plate says Fast R8 but R8’s are actually pretty slow…

supercharged r8

Must be because this one is supercharged!

audi r8

By looking at this Porsche GT2 race tires I wonder how it faired in the rain…

porsche gt2

porsche gt2

One of the very few Lamborghini’s at the show. Although this one is the special Balboni edition honoring their former test driver.

lamborghini balboni

The best thing you can do to a Z06 is add on ZR1 side skirts, spoiler, and front lip which is what this one has.

corvette zr1

A rather tame color combo on this Porsche GT3 RS.

porsche gt3 rs

porsche gt3 rs supercar sunday

I said it before and I’ll say it again, the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale is the best modern day Ferrari in my opinion…

ferrari 360 challenge stradale

Silver is not the most popular color on Ferrari’s but it works fairly well on this F355 showcasing the body lines.

ferrari f355

Last but not least, a pair of murdered out Ferrari 458 Italia’s.

ferrari 458 italia

Although getting rained out, Supercar Sunday never fails to disappoint. We want to thank our friends at F1RST Motoring Apparel who produce high end motorsports inspired apparel ranging from shirts to polos. Check them out at