Cars and Coffee – Great Falls, VA

Living in Northern Virginia, which is home to several of the richest counties in the USA, you’d think that you’d see exotic cars left and right. The reality is, it is actually very rare to see a Ferrari or Lamborghini roaming the streets. Thanks to the good folks at Katie’s Coffee in Great Falls, enthusiasts now have a place to convene for Northern Virginia’s very own Cars and Coffee. Just like the original Cars and Coffee of California, this one runs 7-9am on Saturdays. You may think this is early but it not only weeds out the kids but also allows you to get on with your day. Although not quite as big as the Cars and Coffee of California, the quality and variety of cars that show up represent Virginia very well. Enjoy the pics!

We arrived roughly at 8am and to our surprise the lot was packed. Cars were overflowing into the side streets. Cars and Coffee was unheard of a few months ago but has been promoted heavily recently on message boards thus causing an influx of more guests.

Luckily for us, there was a spot open right next to a Ford GTx1. Next to the Ford GTX1 was the holy Ferrari F40. As far as we know, these two are the only ones that exist in our area.

Further down the row was this gorgeous Ferrari 16M.

It is not often you see a car of this caliber driving on the streets. Simply amazing.

Matching pair of Ferrari 360 Modenas. With exhaust, these cars are by far in the top 5 sounding cars of all time.

The newly released Mercedes SLS AMG. In our opinion, this makes one hell of a daily driver.

Around the corner was this cleanly modified Porsche 997 Twin Turbo that used to be owned by our good friend.

A few spots down was this stunning yellow Lamborghini Diablo SV. Believed to be the only one in the area as well.

This Verde Ithaca LP560 Spyder was owned by a rather young girl! Looked to be in her twenties. This LP560 was spec’d perfectly with matching green diamond stitching.

New and old Gallardos. We met the owner of the Black Gallardo who was nice guy and true enthusiast. He even had a proper 6 speed manual gearbox.

Directly across from the Lp560 was this Balboni Edition LP560. I believe only 3 or so exist in this color in the USA with one being a Lemon car.

The rarest of the rarest supercars. Between these two cars the value is close to $1 million.

Front end of the Ford GTX1 with our Aston Martin Vantage peaking away in the corner.

A very unique 993 Porsche Carrera in Mexico Blue paint.

A pair of perhaps some of the best touring cars ever made: Ferrari 599 and Aston Martin Vanquish. It’d be a tough choice but we’d opt for the Ferrari for the Enzo V12 engine.

This Rolls Royce Ghost came rather late and we weren’t sure if they were there for the meet or just grabbing coffee. Since Great Falls is a very upper class area, we wouldn’t be surprise if they wanted to get breakfast in style.

And last but not least, our good friend with his bright orange Lamborghini Murcielago. After this meet him and several Ferrari’s met up with us to go to a bikini carwash we threw. Check back this week for our coverage on that including tons of pics of the girls and cars.

As you can see Virginia has its fair share of luxury and exotic car enthusiasts. Cars and Coffee at Katie’s Coffee in Great Falls is one meet we’d highly recommend. It’s always great to see old friends and familiar faces. We plan to go regularly and bring you event coverage. Now if only we can wake up on time….

Here’s the address for Cars and Coffee Virginia:

Katie’s Coffee
760 Walker Rd
Great Falls, VA 22066

Saturdays 7am – 9am