How To Make Money Online Preview

At Secret Entourage, we have always listened to our fans to see what they were really interested in learning. After receiving great feedback, we’ve decided to dedicate each month with a business opportunity any entrepreneur could start. With an overwhelming response, the month of October will shed some light on affiliate marketing, a multi-billion dollar industry unheard of to many. Affiliate marketing is not the only way to earn money online but it is by far one of the most lucrative and easiest. We plan to go in depth with simple to understand steps so¬† you can start this business in your very own home. Read more to see what to expect…

Before we give you a quick preview, we should note that this is NOT a get rich overnight business. Like most businesses, success is not achieved overnight but rather through hardwork overtime. In fact, the turnover rate of affiliate marketers is higher than 70%. Although affiliate marketing is a relatively low investment business, there still is some risk involved with it.

Many of you have most likely heard of affiliate marketing or read about it. Our goal here at Secret Entourage is to give you the core basics to get started without reinventing the wheel.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In short, it is simply a commission based revenue model of where you get paid for promoting someone elses business/product. You’ve no doubt encountered this concept while shopping in various retail stores that reward their employees for sales. There is very little difference in the concept when comparing real world commission based earnings to online affiliate marketing. A more detailed explanation as well as how the revenue model operates will be discussed in our next article.

What To Expect…

  • Affiliate Marketing Dummies Guide
  • 3 Work From Home Scams You Should Stay Away From
  • How To Find The Right Niche To Promote
  • Setting Up Your Website With Our Recommended Sponsors
  • Learning How To Send Visitors To Your Site Instantly
  • Uncovering The Secret To Getting Free Traffic
  • Increasing Your Earnings With Other Monetizing Methods
  • What To Do If You Fail and The Plan B Course of Action
  • Several Success Stories From Individuals Making $1,000+ a Day

We hope this has piqued your interest. As we begin to slowly unwrap the steps to affiliate marketing, we would love to have you guys along for the ride with your live case studies. Stay tuned and let us know if there’s anything else you’d like us to cover.

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