How To Stay Focused and Succeed in Business When You’re Having Relationship Issues


As soon as things start going awry in your relationship, it can become too easy to stop doing what you set out to do, especially if you feel your heart is breaking or you’re losing your relationship. You may as well expect that at times, relationships can get weird out seemingly nowhere and all you can do is stick it out. However, when you are having relationship problems there is nothing worse at that moment than when you cannot focus on your business.  And those problems usually impact your money then health at the same time.


For example, we may lose sleep from either constantly arguing or staying up all night working through issues in our mind or with our partner.  Either of these can result in letting everything you’ve worked hard for fall by the way side because you’re exhausted emotionally and physically. The impact may start by calling out the next day or missing appointments which can ultimately cause us to miss opportunities and leave money on the table. Maybe you’ve stopped going to the gym because the pain is so unbearable and all you want to do is talk to your partner or curl up in a blanket and “die”.  So what do you do? Do you say “bye” to your relationship for the sake of success? Well if you say “bye” to the relationship, that’ll be another topic, which we can do on another day. Meanwhile, you can still focus and succeed because there are solutions.

The saying goes “Set goals and stay focused on your priorities,” but what does that really mean when both your relationship and your business are your priorities?  It means you have to choose which one comes first at the moment.  But when you’re chasing one, the other one is probably getting away. However, if you have decided this is where you want to be and your partner and you are committed to making it work, here are some solutions you can implement immediately for faster results to help you stay focused and succeed while you work through your relationship issues.

Remember YOUR goals

Right now, there is a greater need to remember what your goals are. This is also a good time to revisit your vision board(s), goal lists and other things you’ve put in place to help you remember why you do what you do. You may be struggling with a lot of things but whatever you do, step the momentum up every chance you get. Do not beat yourself up for missing a few days here and there and not being on task. Once you recognize where you are, push forward. Do whatever you have to do such as a self pep talk, sing, calling that one friend who motivates you and definitely keep listening (music, motivational videos) to the right things during this time to stay on task.

Know the temperament of yourself and your partner

Why does this matter?  It matters because as you study your mate you will learn their queues for when they are shutting down or starting to go down that spiraling path we sometimes take when things aren’t going well.  

Paying attention to your own actions in which your partner’s behavior brought out in you can help you avoid depression, anxiety, sadness and anger.  When you know your partner will do or say certain things to irk you or try to hurt your feelings, learn to over look it and tell yourself that your partner just isn’t in a place to give to you right now. It doesn’t mean the relationship is over, s(he) is just upset and it will blow over. Do more than take the higher road.  Control how you react by anticipating the daggers they may throw, especially if this isn’t the first falling out. Remember to control the ones you typically throw so you don’t have to constantly apologize. By doing these things you just may come out with a different result.


To some this may sound like a waste of time. But you don’t have to get in “child’s pose” or sit with your legs crossed. Close your eyes if you choose too, choose a beautiful piece of music and relax your thoughts by thinking of something else unrelated yet happy. Meditation will also help you connect back to your inner voice of reason and remind you of your purpose. It’ll also calm the energy around you and most importantly it’ll calm the energy within you. When you’re meditating, you may start to drift back to thinking about the relationship problems. So if you find this happening, back up….back up….back up….and re-focus on the happier things in life. Think about eating ice cream which won’t make you fat or taking a walk in the park. Just go there in your mind and control your emotions and the calmness will appear for you in the physical.

Keep your same routine

Stick to your same schedule as much as possible. You will probably have to spend more time repairing the relationship but decide what you give up during this process, as some things are harder to re-start.

Always choose self-preservation over the sake of the relationship.  What do I mean by this? If you usually go to the gym or eat a certain way, keep going to the gym and do not change your eating habits. If you usually post on social media about your business at a certain time or do anything on a strict schedule which you’ve worked hard to put in place, stick to that schedule. Albeit, unless someone has died, stick to your routine. Your future self will thank you for it.

In closing, what I’ve learned on my journey is if you give up your dreams and goals to chase someone whether s(he) wants to be with you or not, you will lose and you will be resentful and you may have to start over in a lot of cases. You’ve already covered great grounds so for everyday you lose sight of the end goal, that’s one less day you get to enjoy your success.  Yes, your relationship will go through many changes, many degrees of hurt and pain as well as untold bliss and opulence (if you’re with the right person.) So always have a plan to stay focused and succeed and allow time to heal the relationship issues when both of you truly want it.

Temeca Magee is the Editor-In-Chief of the Milso Guide, a social media platform designed specifically for women and the those who love them who are in need of relationship answers on how to make it work. Milso means "Military Significant Other". Her passion for helping increased tremendously from being a part of the military community during pre/post war times. However, her work has branched off from just serving the military and it is trending to encompass all women who can relate to the journey of being a woman.