How to Approach Investors to Fund Your Business Idea

When looking at the world of online news it seems like just about every idea out there is finding funding, an angel or VC firm to help bring it to life making some people with genuine and good ideas, and in some cases even with revenue wonder what am I doing wrong that isn’t getting me funding, which is why i decided to help you understand three core components that help some people get funded much faster and easier than others.

1. Are You Actually Looking or Waiting?

One of the biggest misunderstandings in the industry is that great ideas automatically get funded because they get noticed. That is highly inaccurate, people who seek funding are out there telling the right people about their ideas, businesses and ventures. They are networking, pitching and researching who and when to talk to. One of the most important factors of getting funded is to get noticed but not just by having a successful business but rather by going out there and making it clear that you are seeking funding for your business.

There are plenty of successful businesses that never require funding and therefore angels and VC firms do not guess who might need funding, they are either approached by the founders of companies or introduced through networking which then leads to funding conversations. Bottom line is get people to understand what it is you need.

2. Are You Talking to the Right People?

Another critical mistake is to actually pitch, but pitch the wrong person. Many times people looking for funding assume that anyone with money will fund them should they make a good case about returns or potential profits but reality is that it is very hard to get funding from people who don’t understand your industry or the way it works. It’s even harder to get funding from people who don’t typically invest in your types of products, services or business.

As a VC myself, I fund deals related to industries where I have established resources like automotive or education and therefore would be the wrong person to pitch about the next great social app that will hit the market as my resources, leverage and capacity wouldn’t be aligned to anything other than providing money. You have to understand that as an investor, someone funding you needs to be able to help you above and beyond money to accelerate your growth and multiply their profits.

3. Do You Have a Solid Plan Based On Facts? 

Nothing is worst that coming to the table and asking for money unprepared or with the wrong facts. Assumptions are your worst enemy and they unfortunately are made too often between assuming what competitors are doing to over exaggerated  projection of growth based on simple belief rather than data or market research is a guaranteed rejection by myself and many other angels I know.

I look for a solid business plan based on real facts and backed by sample data you have collected or validated, not what you hope will happen because you believe you are god’s gift to selling but have yet to prove it in any industry. If you truly value your sales skills, then provide data, past performance or projections based on aggressive competitor sales to validate your points.

Showing you are serious, and willing to work will widen your chances of securing funds. It is also important to note that plan focused on the gains of the founder through salary projections are often red flags and will momentum quickly with investors.

There you have it, hopefully you’ll consider these three simple but critical tips if you are struggling with raising money for your startup or venture and don’t forget that despite all this, I always recommend doing your homework about who you are asking money from as a bad investor is worse than no investor.

Founder of Secret Entourage
Pejman Ghadimi is a serial entrepreneur, multi-millionaire, and best selling book author. After having spent 10 years in Corporate America, and having created several 7 and 8 figure businesses, Pejman dedicates his time to helping bridge the gap between formal and self education with the creation of Secret Entourage and Third Circle Theory.