Do Not Fall For Google Online Job Scams

google cash scam

We live in desperate times where desparate measures are made. With so many job losses occuring, people are scrambling to find some sort of income. Many have no doubt come across an online scam dealing with Google jobs. These things go by several names such as “Google Cash Kit” or  “Google Money System.” It appears to be very easy by posting links on Google from home at your convenience. This scam, however, is not affiliated with Google at all. Because Google is such a well known brand, many people are quick to assume that it is legitimate. The testimonials often seem legit with fake personal stories and fake check images. They even mention that you won’t become a millionaire but will be able to make a few thousand dollars a month. All these testimonials are from fake blogs and/or news articles. It appears legit so that you think you could even do it. In fact, Google has banned all advertisers running these promotions and the FTC has been cracking down hard on publishers. The only one making money with these are the publishers and advertisers. Most people never look at the fine print to realize that they must pay for shipping only which is usually under $5. However, after the first month they will be rebilled at $30+ dollars. They often do not have proper contact information so cancelling your subscription is close to impossible forcing you to go to your credit card company. Since Google does not want their image to suffer, it has put forth much effort to shut down all advertisers. Now all advertisers have done is renamed their scam with Twitter or Yahoo. So be smart and when things seem too good to be true, they usually are.