6 Rules to Building a Formidable Team


Time and time again, life has taught us that to get things done in a sustainable way, to create more impact, to “change the world” we need a good team.

There really is no lone ranger if you look at it objectively. We all need something to be in place for us to achieve some of our goals. And things do not just come in place; they are coordinated by the activities of individuals. Be it directly as a team, or indirectly as a mastermind group, we all need each other to accomplish our goals.

It was Richard Branson, Virgin’s CEO who said that “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”.

The journey is the destination. It really is not about going fast. It is about first, enjoying the journey as you go. And secondly, creating a legacy that will “go far” even after your time here is over. And to go far, you will not just need a team, you will need a formidable team.

Most business leaders struggle to build strong teams. It’s not easy to bring a diverse group of people together to deliver a high-quality product or service. Generally, good teams consist of a diverse mix of people, who think, work and do things differently together.

Here are 6 things to consider if you want to build a formidable team:

  • Draw A Plan

This is just me telling you to define your mission, vision and goals before bringing people into it. Once you know what your organization needs to produce, it’s much easier to determine the types of people you will need.

This will help you to know who you need on the team, their demography, age and skill set. It’s just like planning a marketing campaign. But this time, you are using your vision board to determine who will fit into the system you have.

Make sure you explain in detail the essence of the group and how you intend to achieve its aim.

  • Get The Team

If you want to build a formidable team, you should at least get the team ready. Members of a team may not be “formidable” at first, but they should have fulfilled the minimum requirements from you plan above. Generally, qualities you should go for should be the required skills, determination, diligence, hard work, flexibility, teachability, and courtesy.

By the way, note that this team must not be there with you presently. Having a team doesn’t mean you must see each other every day and drink coffee together. Your team could be a remote team, and they could still be a formidable and a productive remote team.

Another thing is that you would have to search for people – not just anybody – people with the same interests as that you have already listed. “Interest” is always a great place to start for something that will last long.

  • Encourage Transparency And Communication

Of what use is having a team if your members are not open to one another? Things could be done haphazardly and take quite a while to be noticed.

You should ensure that each individual on the team understands everyone’s activities in the workplace, at least basically.

Whether it’s a weekly conference or ad-hoc meetings, it is necessary to make sure that the team as a whole understands and follows the general and individual progress and their tasks means avoiding potential stumbling blocks while speeding delivery where possible.

Team members must be encouraged to communicate freely, and ask questions as often as they arise.  The lines of communication should be wide open so that ideas and agendas can flow freely.

More importantly, get the team members to understand the goals, mission, and vision you have already outlined.

  • State The Rules

The Law is the instrument for combating chaos. “Where there is no law, there is no sin”. So, you should have rules that guide every team member. Besides, the normal rules on punctuality, transparency when speaking to clients and honesty, e.t.c. You can create rules prohibiting some words in the workplace; like “impossible”, “failure” (you can replace these with “setback”, “challenge”)

Also understand that rules aren’t just made for fun, they are meant to be followed up on.

  • Get to Work

You want to build a formidable team? Get your hands dirty and do the work. Hey, this is not to say that you should get involved in sharp practices, it is saying that you should get all team members to put in all that is required and more, to achieve your collective goals.

Another thing is to work together. Someone else’ opinion or idea might just be what is needed to birth something amazing that the world will be grateful for.

You also must learn to delegate work to people. It helps them know you trust them.  Let everyone know their primary assignments, then encourage them to go the extra mile.

  • Be consistent

This is where most people miss it. There is so much glam and seriousness initially it then it wears out. A champion is not a one time winner, He is a consistent winner. Do not just win a battle; strive to win the war. We must not win all the time, but we should lose less.

Above all, HAVE FUN! It really is not always about work, it is about being happy doing what you are doing. It is about learning about the things you are peculiarly interested in; it is about engaging in conversations that you can relate with; it is about having a sincere and passionate laugh.

Here’s to all formidable teams out there. Cheers!

Writer of TobyandKC
Toby Nwazor is an entrepreneur with a lot of hands-on experience in business start-ups, marketing, and customer service. He is equally a freelance writer and motivational speaker who believes that life is meant to be lived and not just existed in. He passionately writes every Monday and Wednesday on My Startup CEO about helping entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs build successful start-ups.