While creating a product may be much easier, there is simply much more long term appeal to those who position themselves as a brand instead.

Branding is inclusive of your image, logo, message and copywriting. The only way to improve it is by increasing your chances of evoking a positive emotional reaction from those you seek to server or impact.

- Logo & Web Design
- Branding Deck
- Mediakit
- Copywriting

Branding packages start at $2900.

"We have found our relationship with Secret Consulting to be very solid and helping in communicating our brand promise to our audience as well as help bring transparency to our business model which grew past the 8 figure mark in just 3 years."
- Jordern Swerdloff / President of ADV1 Wheels

Marketing is usually hit or miss for a startup. There are many verticals in marketing that people are unaware of and therefore end up wasting resources on the wrong strategies and products.

With our unique tested marketing based approach and systematology, you start marketing and selling immediately while you are testing. Shorter testing times, better campaigns to start with.

- Marketing Strategy and Planning
- Landing Page Creation
- Sales Planning
- Online Funnel Creation
- A/B Testing

Marketing and Sales packages starting at $4700.

"Our market place popularity has been increased extensively and our gross profits increased over $100,000 from their sole marketing ideas and efforts."
- Derrick Williams / CEO / D2 Autosport

While Social Media may seem confusing and difficult to manage with so many new platforms being introduced monthly, it simply comes down to understanding which platforms you should utilize and how to do so.

With state-of-the-art analytics and a great understanding of human behavior on social platforms, we can help you create a plan and actually manage and grow your platform for you. You no longer have to login to 10 different accounts and try to figure out how to make it all work.

Packages starting at $1000/mo.

Building an APP can be costly and confusing, and without the marketing resources behind you, it could be pointless.

With a state of the art design studio, and a team of competent app developers and designers; we are able to offer industry best pricing coupled with a solid marketing structure which results in downloads. We also offer flexible payment plans which makes building an APP more affordable than ever before.

Most apps begin at $3600.

"They helped us grow our company via Web and Social Media Platforms far beyond our expectations and have significantly grown our user base. I highly recommend any and all startup business owners to work with them."
- Klutch 22 APP Founder - Julien Noe

Every great business leader or CEO has a great mentor or coach behind him/her. Entrepreneurship may be a lonely road, but a road that doesn't have to be travelled alone.

With some of the industries best business and Entrepreneurial coaches, including our very own founder Pejman Ghadimi, we have experts waiting to help you in all industries and at all stages. Affordable, Efficient and Powerful are just some of the words that our 17,000 students have used to describe the quality of the coaching and training they received.

Affordable coaching packages starting at $499/month.

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