For those who find themselves stuck or need help moving ahead,
We get directly involved with helping you and your vision. Everything from branding to social media management, we help hundreds of entrepreneurs through 1 on 1 coaching.

"Hiring a consultant is like hiring a business partner, hiring the wrong one could cost you time and money; which is why we are equally selective in choosing our clients."
- Pejman Ghadimi

I founded Secret Consulting back in 2005 and we have since helped countless businesses, brands and ventures in various categories. Our team consists of some of today's most capable app and web designers, branding experts, copywriters, coders and marketers; all of which work in-house so you can get the highest quality work without ever compromising service. Our #1 goal is to ensure that we are an asset to you and your business with our every move. We have worked with companies ranging from $100,000 in annual revenue to over $1 Billion.

- Pejman Ghadimi - Founder
The motivational and inspirational platform that keeps you motivated, driven, and helps you connect with other like-minded people.
Our education center where 100's of successful entrepreneurs teach you what makes them successful and help you to do the same. From awesome video interviews and mastermind groups to the resources you need to succeed. Improving your skills from A to Z in both business and entrepreneurship.
The framework & blueprint that is changing new entrepreneurs perspective on business and innovation worldwide. It has helped thousands of Entrepreneurs establish a strong foundation worth of supporting their ideas and ventures.