Secret Academy Challenge of 2015

Welcome to the Secret Academy Challenge of 2015. We wanted to do something a little bit different to inspire more action after all the learning and motivation you get here at the Secret Academy. We decided to kick off the new year with a friendly challenge among the Secret Academy members.

The challenge is quite simple. You are to set a goal you’d like to achieve at the end of 6 months. Not just any goal but a CRAZY goal. We’re not talking about starting a business and getting your first customer but rather starting a business and getting your first 5,000 customers. Or for example, taking an idea of a product you wanted to manufacture and actually sourcing a supplier and selling 10,000 units within 6 months.

While some of you may think this is unreasonable, we have many students in the academy who have gone far beyond what they thought was possible in business, but also what they thought they were capable of. The challenge is for you to do something extraordinary and push yourself to unheard of limits. You are to hustle like you never hustled before and devote your time and energy to making shit happen.

In return, we will reward you with an epic time in South Florida with the Secret Entourage team and also present you with a minimum $5,000 check from us to you so that you can further grow your business. If you are not ready to participate, don’t worry as these challenges will occur every 6 months.

Here are the rules of this challenge. No exceptions:

  • 18 years of age and older
  • Located in the United States of America
  • Active member of the Secret Academy
  • Existing businesses preferred but not required
  • Set a crazy yet achievable goal you’d like to accomplish at the end of 6 months
  • Document your journey on the private forum
  • Willingness to share milestones in private to verify growth
  • Full participation. Lazy members will be dismissed

Important Dates

  • January 31, 2015, we will review all applications and pick 10 members who we felt presented a very reasonable case
  • June 30th, 2015, challenge is considered over and we will pick the top 3 members who made the most significant impact
  • July 17th, 2015 to July 19th, 2015, we will fly in the top 3 members to South Florida for an all inclusive paid trip

Prizes and Awards

  • Hang out with the Secret Entourage team in South Florida
  • Private mastermind among winners and Secret Entourage
  • Exotic car driving and other luxury lifestyle activities
  • Opportunity to meet other high profile entrepreneurs as featured in our academy
  • Celebration party at a club to reward your hard work
  • Other shenanigans we can’t announce yet…

Grand Prize

  • Of the top 3, we will pick 1 grand prize winner that exceeded our expectations entirely and award them a minimum $5,000 check in person towards their business.

Let’s get this challenge going! Please fill out the form below if you wish participate.