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Weekly Call With Pejman Ghadimi

In this exclusive free weekly call, you will get your chance to have all your business and entrepreneurship related questions answered by me.

This is your chance to speak to me for free (usually $1,900/mo) and learn the right way to start and grow your business into a seven figure company.

Spots are extremely limited and expected to fill up fast each week, so register now and come early to ensure you get your question gets answered.

- Pejman Ghadimi


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Guidlines and rules for the weekly call:

  1. Please come early with a question ready. Spots are extremely limited, so failure to attend will result in a blacklist.
  2. Make sure your question is relevant and not something easily solved by Google. Laziness is not accepted.
  3. Be courteous and respectful of other attendees. There are no warnings and bans will be placed on trolls.

We do not share your information.