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Secret Academy Episode - Steve Gallion

At the age of 16, Steve Gallion had already sold his first business, a web hosting company, for $40,000. At the age of 23, Steve made his first million dollars in the span of 4 weeks after his storage tank removal company was acquired after receiving a large contract. While not all of his businesses were successes, some were considered failures but the serial entrepreneur kept Steve constantly looking for new opportunities. While balancing a managerial job at Target because he invested his money into his new company, Steve created Waste Stream Solutions, a waste management company, and was able to grow that into the 9th largest in the industry after 3 years. Steve was able to sell that company for a significant 8 figure sum allowing him to essentially retire if he desired. However, Steve recognizes the importance of cash flow to sustain his lifestyle and he was off to create his next innovative company called Med Trainer, an e-learning platform for healthcare organizations.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How Steve was able to start a hosting company in 14 to only sell it at 16 for $40k
  • The list of businesses that Steve was involved in that were successful or failures
  • How Steve was able to sell his underground tank cleaning/removal business for a million at 23
  • How to identify and find opportunity for business ideas
  • Why Steve builds businesses only to sell them off later
  • How to do your due diligence when analyzing and researching industries
  • How Steve grew Waste Stream Solutions to an 8 figure acquisition
  • Why Steve worked briefly at Target and important lessons he was able to take away
  • What is Med Trainer and how he plans to revolutionize the e-learning industry
  • A sneak peak at his next upcoming supercar scheduled for delivery next year
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