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Secret Academy Episode - Bobby Yampolsky

Whether he’s seen decked out in the hautest new jewels and timepieces or cruising one of his Bugatti’s to his flagship store on the prestigious Worth Avenue, owner and operator of the infamous East Coast Jewelry, Bobby Yampolsky, is all about the bling. But he’s also all about the hard work. Rooted in family tradition, the once-small company began as a kiosk in the Pompano Square Mall. Though a relentless tenacity to curate a luxury brand experience like no other, Bobby and his father turned ECJ Luxe into one of the most prestigious and renowned luxury jewelry providers in the world. Secret Entourage sits down for a special interview with Bobby to hear the ECJ Luxe story, followed by an exclusive ‘MTV Cribs-Style’ tour of his flagship store featuring an arsenal of cars, watches, diamonds, and one-of-a-kind luxury collectables.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The story of how Bobby & his family came to America from Russia with less than $800 and started East Coast Jewelers as a small kiosk in Pompano Square Mall
  • How he became the youngest store owner on Worth Avenue at 19 years old
  • What they did to become more than just another jewelry store and grow their brand to become a standard that even large jewelry companies aspire to
  • The importance and long-term residual effects of building strong relationships with clients and partners
  • Why he likes giving people chances and why he decided to hire everyone at his new store without having any jewelry experience
  • His opinion on the residual value of owning restaurants and nightclubs as secondary businesses
  • The importance of not being over-inventoried and under-capitalized
  • Risk tolerance and why he says “scared money doesn’t make money”
  • His plans for how ECJ Luxe stores will begin to encompass more luxury items such as cars and private aviation concierge services.
  • What’s in the ECJ Luxe private viewing vault
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