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Secret Academy Episode - Aaron Singerman

Aaron Singerman is a name well known as the CEO and co-founder of Blackstone Labs. In 2016, the world was shocked when Aaron stepped down from his position as CEO of Blackstone and launched his new company, Redcon1. With the transition from Blackstone to Redcon1, Aaron has gained an exponential amount of knowledge and experience that run hand in hand with dealing with partnerships, legalities, business roles, distribution, and branding. Within the course of a year, this has helped Aaron scale Redcon1 to a higher level of success as it continues to grow.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why Aaron stepped down from Blackstone to launch Redcon1
  • Making a calculated decision and deciding when to walk away
  • The risks of having a business partner
  • Determining the qualities of a good business partner
  • Who NOT to partner with and why
  • What a “Non-Compete” agreement can do
  • The difference between private retailer and large distribution companies
  • Choosing the right distributors
  • Managing distribution on Amazon and eBay
  • What Aaron does differently today to ensure Redcon1 continues to flourish
  • Aaron’s goals for Redcon1
  • Advice for making it through challenging business obstacles
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