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Secret Academy Episode - Aaron Singerman

Aaron Singerman grew up in a suburb just outside of New Orleans, and as a child many people would tell Aaron that he was an "underachiever." He actually took that as a compliment that he could be doing great things if he wanted to. At age 13, he started weight training as he was always fascinated with bodybuilding; and throughout his teens and early 20's, he worked many jobs that he eventually would get fired from. This lack of passion with what he was doing coupled with hanging out with the wrong crowd led him to drug use. It wasn't until a friend died from a drug overdose right in front of his eyes, that he realized he wanted to get away from this life and do something meaningful. Aaron started working as a personal trainer and noticed his coworker driving a brand new Porsche. "How can I get a Porsche too?" he asked, and the response was "You'll never get a Porsche working here." Not exactly the response he was expecting, but his coworker taught him something profound that day: you won't be as successful doing something you hate versus doing something you love and are passionate about. Aaron took that advice and fully immersed himself into the world of bodybuilding. Aaron Singerman joined forces with his best friend, PJ Braun, to co-found Blackstone Labs then Prime Nutrition with sales in the $20+ million.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How he turned his life around from a being drug-using "underachiever" to being a successful entrepreneur
  • Why he wasn't able to be successful as a personal trainer
  • How he was able to break into the bodybuilding world and become a well-known figure in the industry
  • Using his newly found "fame" to attract sponsors and supplement his income
  • How working for a nutrition supplement company as a marketing manager eventually led to him starting his own company
  • Why he decided to create Prime Nutrition
  • The profit margin difference between a direct sales company and a distribution company
  • The key to having a great partnership in business
  • Two things that helped him reach his goals
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