How to Build a $1 Million Business in Less Than 12 Months Webinar 3 | Secret Entourage

Exclusive Free Training From Pejman Ghadimi

Learn The Exact Blueprint I've Used To Create $1 Million Businesses Time and Time Again... Even As Fast As 12 Months

Pejman Ghadimi is a self-made multi-millionaire and founder of Secret Entourage, the world's leading self-education platform, and author of two best selling books: Third Circle Theory and RADIUS. He has helped thousands of people start and grow successful businesses.

What You Will Learn:

  • The biggest obstacles entrepreneurs encounter in the early stages and how to overcome them.
  • How to INCREASE your income by focusing on this ONE thing that most people get wrong.
  • The 3 metrics that determine a bad idea from a good one, and how to validate it for profitability.
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    How to scale your business faster WITHOUT incurring more expenses.

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