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Due to the digital nature of our product, we unfortunately cannot grant any returns at this time. If for any reason, you are unable to open the files or have technical difficulties, please contact and we will address all issues within 48 hours of your email.


While many programs out there claim to be the answer to you making millions, Third Circle Theory ™ does not imply or make such claims on any level. The goal of this training program is to help expand and increase your awareness to all aspects of business, money and Entrepreneurship. While you will learn new ways to look at your business, idea or venture and potentially uncover areas where you can capitalize on revenue, each and every situation varies and no claims can be made or have been verified concerning the monetary gains people have experienced. Just keep in mind that the more you purchase products to help you get rich, the further you will be from actually succeeding. The more you invest in yourself, and the more likely you are to find you very own path to success.


All the testimonials and reviews left on this page are the opinions and viewpoints of those who have read or been exposed to Third Circle Theory and have decided to on their own terms to express their opinions of the product, brand or its message. None of the reviewers have been paid, nor have they been given incentives to leave favorable reviews. We only seek the truth and ask for honest review from all of our readers. The Review box (powered by FB) is there only for reviews of the product, any other non related comments or questions will be deleted. Any positive or negative review involving foul or inappropriate language will be immediately deleted.