Does your Ambition Outweigh Your Teams Reach?


It was only recently that I found myself in a situation that made me realize that sometimes my ambitions outweigh my team’s reach. In a perfect world, teams are highly synchronized and not only share common ideals but are able to see a common vision. Unfortunately, in today’s world that is rarely the case.  Instead, most teams are continuously battling the idea of reach vs ambition and it is very common that ambition ends up being the reason why some of today’s most synchronized work teams break apart.

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Is It Ok to Be a Quitter?


In a recent Interview with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire, I ended up having a deep conversation about failure and one’s ability to recover from it. I also broke down how you can take all your past experiences and connect the dots in order to find what you are truly passionate about. During my interview, John mentioned how he, himself, had held multiple jobs in which he was very miserable prior to finding his calling with Entrepreneur on Fire, but he said something that I didn’t quite agree with. Perhaps it was not meant to be taken literally, but I felt it needed to be discussed more.

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3 Valuable Lessons about Time, Money, and Business


A couple of years ago, I gave an interview with Secret Entourage and ultimately developed a friendship with those involved as I found an entire community of like-minded people. In late 2012, I was given the opportunity to write an acknowledgement for their newest book Third Circle Theory and was honored to find my words on the back cover. If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend you pick up a copy as it will help facilitate a necessary shift in perspective. Having started businesses in multiple industries, the last two of which were turning considerable profits almost immediately, I learned a great deal about the importance of time, money, and the reality of business. So, when I was later asked to come on board as a contributing writer, I felt honored by the opportunity to share my experiences with all of you.

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10 of the Craziest Watch Designs On The Market


Watches have been around since the 17th century. Over the last 400 years, watches have evolved greatly in ways that the first developers of wrist worn and pocket technology could have ever imagined. As we speak, new materials are being tested in concept watches of the 21st century. Using those materials and new control mechanisms, their applications have brought about some drastic designs and sometimes designers just want something outside the norm in their collection. So sit back and check out our pick of some of the craziest watch designs.

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How to Develop a WINNING Attitude


I heard a very interesting statement not too long ago that really made me think and has stuck with me for sometime now. A statement was made that said “You can measure a person’s height, you can measure how high a person can jump, you can even measure how fast they run, but you CAN NOT measure a person’s heart.” What that person meant and what I got from that statement is that you never know what’s in a person’s heart and just how hard someone will work for something.

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5 Things I Learned from Becoming A Millionaire


I was 27 when I retired a millionaire. Not exactly the age that most would associate with retirement and yet for me — I was right on target with the goals I had set for myself. I’d accomplished what so few will ever do and I did it in record time. They say with great power, comes great responsibility. It also brings great knowledge. So what did becoming a millionaire at such a young age teach me?

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Are Entrepreneurs the Answer to Social Recovery?


There is a lot of debate in today’s economy about the value of job creation by entrepreneurs and often we hear that the government no longer creates jobs. Is it really the core of the problem and is the poor job market’s growth dependent upon entrepreneurs creating and hiring or is that just a smoke screen to a bigger problem no one wants to face?

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