Secret Academy Episode – Frank Gruber

As serial entrepreneurs, not all of us are privileged to live in the mecca of startups known as Silicon Valley. While there are more and more areas prominent for startups such as Santa Monica, Chicago, NYC, or even New Orleans, it can often be hard to know what is going on elsewhere. Frank Gruber saw this as an opportunity to create an online news publication regarding tech and startups but also to host local events nationwide. For nearly 3 years, Frank worked on Tech Cocktail non stop to bring his idea to life while working a 9-5. After getting funding of $2.5 mil, Frank has grown Tech Cocktail in over 30 states offline but also has a viewership base of over 300,000 visitors a month.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Start A Business Right Now


As a society, we value money above all else. Even things like oil and gold, substances deemed precious the world over, are revered as much for their monetary value as they are for their actual function. Given our dependence on currency, it’s important to, as rappers say, “get money.” There are a few ways you can go about doing that. You can exchange your time and labor for money, also known as having a job. You can sell drugs, though this is almost universally illegal. You can perfect a skill to the point where people are willing to pay you money just to see you perform, as happens with athletes and musicians.

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AMA – “What Was Your OH SHIT Moment, When You Realized You Made It?”


I have received many questions in preparations for my AMA (Ask Me Anything) segment including these two questions: “When was that moment you realized you had made it?”  Another of the same nature that asked “When did you know that it was ok to spend $300,000 on a car?” I figured I would answer both of these questions separately, even though they may seem similar to begin with.

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Secret Academy Episode – Matt Eldridge

Having no formal education, not even a high school degree, Matt Eldridge knew entrepreneurship was in his blood. With both parents operating businesses, Matt got the itch and launched a few small businesses in high school early in his career. After saving a bit of capital, Matt invested in real estate at the peak of the market and made a good fortune flipping properties utilizing to cut out broker and real estate agent fees. Matt had tremendous success and was even asked to help join the team to help grow the company. During that time Matt noticed his hard sell approach often came across as blunt in emails costing him sales. He knew this was a problem spread worldwide and invested several hundred thousand dollars in, a tool to help analyze the tone of emails for major corporations. Unfortunately, sign-ups didn’t equate to sales and he had to cut his losses quickly after things didn’t work out. From there Matt mixed his passion of golf and entrepreneurship and founded Foursum, a comprehensive mobile app for golf hobbyists that allows you to connect with friends but also improve your golf game. Having the best app on the market caught the attention of several professional PGA players and sponsors like Puma.

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How Trademarking Your Brand Can Save Your Ass


As Secret Entourage continues to grow to new levels, there comes a time when copy cat websites pop up left and right. While you may consider that flattering as imitation is sincere, it is quite alarming to see other idiots actually have the balls to register a domain with our name in it and claim to be us. For the record, Secret Entourage is officially located at this site and our .net/.org mirrors. All others are imitators are not authorized and run by imposters. We would never endorse any type of network marketing or pyramid scheme business. When we run into these issues, having a trademark certainly helps shut down these copy cats as trademarks hold a heavy weight to domain registrars and website hosting providers. Did you overlook trademarking your brand?

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Secret Academy Episode – Ian Altman

The ultimate goal for any business is gain revenue and ultimately improve year over year. The truth is, many businesses sometimes see stagnant or declines in revenue because of other factors such as the economy and not adapting quick enough. For over two decades, Ian Altman was the founder and CEO of an IT consulting and software development company that caught the attention of several investors and banks after it reached Fortune 500 status. After selling his former company, he sat on the board as managing director and helped grow the valuation from $100 million to nearly $2 billion dollars before realizing that it was taking up too much time away from his family. Ian has since ventured back into consulting and teaches small businesses how to grow their revenues by ultimately utilizing the same sales and marketing strategies that worked successfully for him. He is also the author of two #1 best selling books, Same Side Selling & Upside Down Selling, that teach entrepreneurs the human psychology behind successful sales processes.

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Audi R8 Buyers Guide

For under $100,000, the Audi R8 offers exotic car ownership experience at a fraction of the cost. Although prices have not dropped too low that you see college kids driving them around, it is reasonable enough for many first time exotic car buyers and is certainly great value as we have found out personally. After having purchased a 2009 Audi R8 V8 R-Tronic and a 2014 R8 V10 S-Tronic, we have started to get to know the Audi R8 quite well. From its typical shortfalls to which models hold value best, we are about to break down for you all you need to know in our Audi R8 buyers guide. This will cover all model years (2008-2014) and both V8 and V10 models (excluding the V10 plus).

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