Project Lightning Blade – Audi R8

In our recent buyers guide for the Audi R8, we felt like sharing our understanding of the market on this well balanced car. It only made sense since we appreciate the car to push its limits further by enhancing the few things we didn’t love about it. Believe it or not, the Audi R8 is the first car we have ever owned that looked perfect just as it is from the factory and needed literally nothing. But since we are crazy at Secret Entourage and can’t leave anything stock without adding our own touch to it, Project Lightning Blade project began.

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The Real Purpose of Going to School

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Regardless that you are going to high school or college, back to school is right around the corner but it seems that many of you are not that excited about spending your entire week studying and reading. This is especially true as more and more are losing faith that what they are learning holds relevance to their future. When I was younger, I really misunderstood school and just like many people, I didn’t really want to be there. I was an average student, didn’t play any sports, didn’t have a lot of friends, and didn’t see progress in my life as a result of knowing chemistry or geometry, which made it even harder to focus. My college days were no different. I went one semester and quickly decided that enough was enough and chose not to go. I guess looking back now, I simply misunderstood the point of school and where the value really was.

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Secret Academy Episode – Todd Rothman

While attending undergrad studies, Todd Rothman had the misfortune of learning his dad had cancer forcing him to leave school briefly to support the family. After a short but successful stint in wall street, Todd realized he was not passionate and went back to school after his fathers passing to pick up where he left off to become a physician. Dealing with the emotional stress of his fathers passing made it hard for Todd to continue that path even though he excelled at medical studies. Todd slowly began to help others in fields like biology and organic chem and eventually caught the attention of another tutor who would later become his then business partner. Together they both turned their tutoring hobby into a legitimate business making well into six figures a year. Initially, Todd partnered with universities and tutored students in packed classrooms, then repackaged his tutoring into DVDs, only to face pushback from schools and college professors. With the internet becoming such a prevalent medium for students and schools alike, Todd created Streaming Tutors, an online learning platform that has tutored over 20,000 students worldwide.

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The Shift of Real Estate Opportunity


A few unanswered questions occurred recently regarding the reality behind real estate investing in today’s market. Many of our Secret Academy members asked us questions regarding Nick Ruiz’s claim of making 5 figures on every flip deal in less than 30 days in his course without any money upfront. So it led us to write this article in general about today’s real estate market and how to choose which direction to take.

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Monterey Car Week x Fuel Run

We recently had the chance to check out Monterey Car Week for the first time and we were blown away from the whole experience. The folks at Fuel Run organized an epic drive up the coast from LA to Monterey that showed us the most scenic views California has to offer along with some of the best driving roads. Within Monterey Car Week was non stop events featuring the worlds most exclusive and expensive antique, classic, exotic, and concept cars. Monterey Car Week is really a must for any car enthusiast and we highly recommend checking out Fuel Run if you want the full experience. You had to be there to understand the epicness and scale of the show but for now hopefully these pictures will do the talking.

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What Employees Don’t Understand About Business Owners


In a recent AMA video I recorded, someone asked how they can go from worker to owner. While I was recording my video, I kept thinking of all the people along the way who always complained about the fact that their boss (store owner) never understood them or that their boss is an idiot. The reality is that many business owners are indeed inexperienced and have many shortfalls but yet the biggest issue is something many workers don’t understand, which is their ability to navigate risk with growth. Here are how the two mindsets differ and why someone who works there can never say they get it or understand it.

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Secret Academy Episode – Tai Lopez

As a student of life you can never stop learning as knowledge is power. In the case of Tai Lopez, school wasn’t for him and he took it upon himself to become self educated by studying the works of successful millionaires and billionaires. Tai took it one step further by reading a new book a day and has read over 5000 books to date. With over 18 years of business experience, Tai has launched over 12 multi million dollar businesses in the fields of websites, finance, commodities, and more. Living in Hollywood Hills has its perks and now Tai rubs shoulders with other celebrities and high profile entrepreneurs from the parties he hosts every month. After watching this episode, you’ll quickly understand why Tai is a walking knowledge base with endless stories.

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