Watercooled IND – The Creation of a New Wheel

A few months have passed since we introduced you to the new wheel company known as Watercooled IND. Chris and his team have been working hard at creating new wheels for you all to enjoy and their latest is quite impressive. Introducing the new BL8 model exclusively from Watercooled IND, a mesh wheel with a bit of a twist. We asked Chris to tell us all about this new design!

The new mesh design is beautiful, what did you name this new model and what car make are they intended for?

This wheel is the BL8. We can build these wheels to any bolt pattern, offset, hubcentric, etc… These wheels were created to be aimed towards the BMW market but obviously can be ran on any make and model. This wheel is really an OEM plus wheel that will compliment the lines and styling of any vehicle.

The mesh design is very popular but yours looks a bit different, tell us about your vision for this design and how it came from drawing to real life? Was it what you expected?

What design or type of styling isn’t popular? We wanted to create an OEM plus wheel and put our little twist on it. So we did just that. The amount of technology that we have is truly amazing. We can design a 3D rendering and match a real life product to it including as many details as possible in less than 6 weeks.We wanted to take the ordinary and put an extraordinary amount of details yet keep the wheel’s lines uninterrupted.

What is the cost of such a set? Specs? Sizing? Build time?

Pricing depends on the amount of options and sizing you want to do. For example a set of 18s with flat centers will obviously be cheaper than a set of 21’s in super concave profile. The amount of aluminum needed for the super concave is a lot more than the normal flat center profile. Pricing for a set of our wheels starts around $3800. Our wheels are truly custom, built to order, and made from the ground up in the United States. All of our wheels can be made from 18 to 24 inch with a 4-8 weeks build time.

watercooled ind bl8

What car were these wheels designed for? Originally what car did you envision them complementing the best?

These wheels were really aimed towards the BMW guys and the M3 in particular. We are building a few sets for some M3’s right now and I think they will truly turn out spectacular. One of the M3’s will be getting on the cover of a major magazine. I guess you will just have to wait and see which one!

What future designs will we see from Watercooled IND? How many total designs will Watercooled IND offer in 3 piece?

Next week we will be revealing two designs to the public. They will be posted on our Facebook page and we will be holding a poll. We will only release one design and which ever wheel is the most popular will go into production. The amount of designs we have will always be changing. I don’t want to have just 5, 10, or 20 designs. I want to have designs and slowly reveal a new design every 4-6 months to really freshen things up. It makes no sense to stay put and only offer a select few models. The industry is ALWAYS changing, styling is ALWAYS changing, and trends are ALWAYS changing. Why not change to accommodate them? In this industry you cannot be left behind or you will shrivel up and die. You always need to be one step ahead of the curve and the competition. We plan on doing just that.

From an entrepreneur standpoint, how does it feel to see your wheels slowly making their way onto people’s cars?

It really is something I cannot describe with words. From designing it in Solidworks, making a 3D rendering, testing it for structural strength, cutting the design out, finishing it, assembling it and then seeing the final product on a customer’s car is really eye opening. Creating something out of nothing is what it is all about. Creating each wheel is the same as seeing a business come to life each time. It is an incredible experience.

watercooled ind bl8

From a business standpoint, how do you determine what a wheel must look like?

To be honest I do not really look at it as a business stand point. I look at it as what would I like on my car? What would I like if I had a RS4/M5/M3/GLI? What type of styling would I like? How many spokes? This is essentially where we start and then the rest is comes naturally.

When you think back of when you first started Watercooled IND, tell us a bit about how far the brand has come and how you feel about its direction to date.

Well we really wanted to accomplish everything instantly. We wanted to sell any part to any euro to just make a dollar. We have since then transferred from a parts reseller to a wheel manufacturer. We have a nice niche market that we cater to and we plan on staying that way. Everything we do is about the long term goals, not what happens today or tomorrow. I really like where things are going and how things have been coming along recently. We have some exciting projects we are working on and we will make some debuts in some major magazines here shortly. I guess you will have to wait and see what we have in store!

For those of you not familiar with Watercooled IND, make sure to check them out and “like” them on Facebook!

Watercooled Industries
149 East 26th Street
Holland, MI 49423 USA
T. 616-886-5105
E. sales@watercooledind.com
F. www.facebook.com/watercooledind

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