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Readers of Secret Entourage come from all backgrounds, some are successful entrepreneurs while others are in their startup phases. While most of our readers aren’t at their point in life to own exotic cars they dream of, they are car enthusiasts at heart. We are proud to announce our partnership with WatercooledIND, a new startup wheel company catering to the euro ‘stance’ crowd. For the guys who couldn’t afford ADV1 Wheels, these guys are for you…

What is WatercooledIND?

Here at WatercooledIND we don’t just forge bricks of alloy, we create wheels that reflect a lifestyle. From start to finish each wheel is meticulously crafted to insure our products are as light as they are strong. Since none of our wheels are mass produced or outsourced, we can insure the quality of each item is inspected individually before being shipped out to the newest members of our family. We believe that each set of wheels should be as unique as the cars they go on so we customize everything from the offset, concave, finish, bolt pattern and even hardware on each individual wheel to fit your needs. Our goal was not to just create wheels that fit your car, we strive to make wheels that fit YOU.


What was your reasoning for jumping in the ‘saturated’ wheel game?

We started the company with the intention of selling other companies wheels to the public. Our goal was to give the best possible customer service with exceptional pricing and fast turn around times. We quickly found out that we could do this better and more efficient than most of the manufactures we dealt with. Orders would be delayed and stacked up. After a few weeks of waiting the customer would ask what is going on and we had no “clear” idea of what was happening. It lead to refunds and angry customers. The only way to solve it was to create our own wheels to handle ever aspect of the process. So we did just that.


What kind of cars are you focusing on at the moment?

At the moment we are catering towards the VW and Audi guys and we are quickly making way into the Porsche and BMW guys. We were on VWVortex for some time but with the release of our 3 piece wheels decided we need to cater to more higher end vehicles. We are currently on 6SpeedOnline and M3Post. We plan on covering higher end exotics towards the end of this year. Along with exotics, we plan to get into the GTR and similar markets in the next few months.


Tell us your collection of wheels and the design philosophy behind them.

Most companies give you one styling in different wheels. For example it might be the same styling but be in a 5 spoke, a 7 spoke and 10 spoke. We challenge that. We offer two wheel lines, one for the OEM+ guys and one for those looking for a set of wheels that are “out of the box.” We are looking to create a more “exclusive” brand.

We currently offer the CC5, BL5, BL8 and SY10. Each wheel stands for something different and unique. Each and every wheel has two letters that stand for something and then the number of spokes.

For example the CC5 stands for Chris Craft and it has 5 spokes. My hometown, Holland MI has the old abandoned Chris Craft factory that was recently turned into a storage facility. The hand made wooden boats were made in this factory from the late 30’s to the early 60’s. The building is very unique and has cool structural figures. I actually store most of my personal belongings there.


The BL5/BL8 stands for Baker Lofts. Baker furniture was made in this building and was recently turned into a living complex with a gym, salon, restaurant and deli. I have had an apartment here for a few years and absolutely love it. Our office is also located here.

watercooled bl5

watercooled bl8

The SY10 stands for Scrap Yard Lofts. The owner who re-did Baker Lofts also took upon the Scrap Yard Loft project. It has the similar project but is located in the heart of down town Holland.

watercooled sy10

The goal was to create a name for the wheels that had an actual meaning. The wheels originated here and that will not be forgotten.


Where can someone place an order for a set of wheels?

Consumers can order our wheels through us directly or through one of our exclusive dealers. We work with Howey Industries and Open Road Tuning a lot at the moment and will be expanding the number of dealers as the year progresses. At the moment we are still in the early stages of our company. Once we get our feet off the ground and start moving large volumes we will start increasing our dealer network.


What can we expect from you guys for 2012?

Plan is to really change the industry and offer customer service that no one is capable of. We plan on becoming a household name by the end of 2012. We plan to take the industry by wind and really leave our mark. We have things planned but you will have to wait and see!


Lastly, what kind of deals can Secret members get?

Secret members can email us at sales@watercooledind.com for special pricing. Secret Entourage has helped us out more than you can imagine!

We are excited for WatercooledIND. Check back regularly as we’ll be covering the growth of them. You are all witnessing the beginning of something great.

Watercooled Industries
149 East 26th Street
Holland, MI 49423 USA
T. 616-886-5105
E. sales@watercooledind.com
F. www.facebook.com/watercooledind

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