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Watercooled IND – Taking a Chance

2012 marked the birth of Watercooled IND, a company who decided to take a stab at the wheel industry with an innovative new wheel design and for once it is not targeted to super exotics but rather the tuner crowd looking for that nice 3 piece look. Last month we introduced the brand a bit and talked about what Chris and his team were aiming to do. Since that last article, we received quite a bit of feedback from our readers about who Chris was and how he got started, this month we go a bit deeper into the world of Watercooled IND.

Becoming a wheel designer at such a young age must earn you a high level of criticisms from those around you, how do you deal with the negativity around you and still keep going with velocity?

WatercooledIND Wheels is not made up of just designers. We do the engineering, designing, rendering, marketing and promoting all in house. We do get quiet a few critics but we would get critics regardless if we were an advertising agency, detailing company, or car manufacture. The negativity is ignored as it would not benefit us addressing it.

Most people tend to give a negative vibe to anything someone young tries to start. You’re not good enough, you have no education, you’re too young, etc. The excuses and reasons go on and on. The only one I think that really matters is experience. If we came into this business and industry knowing nothing about how to create or run a business effectively and efficiently we would simply fail. If we came into this business not knowing how to fit a set of wheels or what offset to create it simply wouldn’t work. It would fail. We have the necessary tools, resources, and knowledge to succeed and push the boundaries. We will do just that.

Having decided to follow your dream and passion rather than focus on a traditional education based system for success, means that you are ultimately taking a chance on yourself. Are you certain today as you were then, that it was the right call?

We take chances every day do we not? We take chances in our cars, in relationships, putting ourselves out there, etc. I can list things all day long but at the end of the day we NEED to take risks. I’m a firm believer that bold choices take you where you’re supposed to be. I simply could not imagine working the normal 9-5 job, relying on someone else for a paycheck and doing the same routine day in and day out. No thank you. It is easy to be the normal guy with the AVERAGE job with the AVERAGE house with the AVERAGE family. Challenge that. Put yourself out there and change the world.

How do you differentiate your brand from the other wheel companies when you are the newbie on the block?

Everyone is considered a “newbie” at one point or another. No one runs before they learn to walk. The same idea applies here. We offer an amazing design, with superb customer service, and an even better product. Sounds like a recipe for success to me? The only thing we need is time. Time. Time to prove our selves to everyone, to show everyone what we have and what we can do.

We heard you had some new designs coming out, any monoblocks or cast wheels?

We are always pushing the envelope and coming up with new designs. We are looking to reveal everything all at once. I would give it another month or two before we are really ready. All of our designs can be made in forged monoblocks. We thought about doing cast or flow formed wheels but that does not represent the image we want for our company. We want to be prestige, not prestige worldwide but exclusive, luxury and classy.

There you have it, just a teaser into how Chris sees Watercooled IND growing and his ways to fight off all those negative connotations associated with being young. Make sure to shoot him an email if you are interested in a set of his upcoming wheels. We know they have a few sets coming up and are always looking for the right cars to fit them on. Check them out and make sure to follow them on Facebook as well.

Watercooled Industries
149 East 26th Street
Holland, MI 49423 USA
T. 616-886-5105