Scam of the Month – ViSalus Sciences

From Primerica selling bogus financial services to the sad miracle cure of MonaVie, it seems like everyone, everywhere has a great product to sell, and in most cases is so great that they require your help in selling it. The concept is simple and no different than every other MLM scam out there. You simply buy the product and sell it or help sell it directly for a chance to get rich as the product is simply flawless and undiscovered which makes it so much more valuable (or so you are told). The real problem however lies within people not believing a word of what you have to sell. How can this be? So many have claimed to make millions and now live free because of this and you somehow can’t sell anything?

ViSalus Sciences sells a series of health pills and products supposed to help you live healthier and better. Ranging from weight loss pills to anti aging pills, the system is claimed to be a proven solution to help everyone but yet is not sold in stores? A great solution that would make millions if sold to the public but its not available in stores. That’s interesting that even a health store like GNC would not carry such a miracle cure but lets keep going with it.

So what are you asked to do?

Well you are asked to do what every MLM out there asks of you. Work very hard and sell lots and lots of products and make a commission off of every sale past the $200 mark. Meaning that each month you must sell or you can’t continue. Be prepared to buy extra products just to stay in the game even if you have no buyers. The site sums it up real nice, giving you an example of you selling $5000 and earning $1200 in commissions. They make it look easy by showing you how a few sales can make you big money but lets face it…  how many do you know where you can sell $5000 of health supplies that they’ve never heard of? The point is that you don’t know enough to even sell $200 to, so you would have to start buying more for yourself or to resell, not earning any commissions but rather paying them (Exactly what MonaVie asks you to do).

But wait there is a BMW in it for you!

That’s correct, the very few lucky ones that make it to the regional director level, which will take you an eternity of ripping off people, will earn the right to go lease a BMW themselves and be paid $600 a month towards their lease, but must remain in the program at that level to keep it. So here is the kicker as to why this is a genuine way for you to not only not have a BMW but to get yourself in a financial trap at your own expense. You get to the regional director level and get to pick any BMW up to $600 a month. You are limited to a 3 series as the other ones cost more or require lots more $$$ down, but wait they show you a 6 series on the site? If the following month you don’t make it in sales, you must pay your own payment, which makes no sense as you may not want to spend your income on a a cheap 6 series that must be black. The better part is that if you don’t really qualify for a BMW lease, you can’t even get one, since the lease agreement has nothing to do with ViSalus Sciences but rather is with you and BMW. Visalus Sciences simply pays the $600 monthly allowance as long as you make them a ton of money but what happens if you quit or have to move? Well ViSalus Science has nothing to do with you, and therefore enables you to continue carrying your own payments unless you sell. There is one more element to this and its quite simple, you must sport all types of advertising for them on your car and there are many restrictions as to which car since they want others to believe in the myth. ViSalus Sciences executives do drive BMWs because of YOU selling their products, and are paid by the corporation, not by some product scam. (This is identical to 5Linx’s Bentley program which is even more foolish).

Where does it all lead you?

Nowhere, and therefore i will tell you that success is not founded on the basis of selling infomercial goods that has testimonials from doctors that no one has ever heard of. Success is you realizing that these opportunities are bogus and that real opportunities are out there in the form of real jobs. Please do not fall for these idiotic practices that prey on young folks with the dreams of getting rich.

Do you want to Stay Poor?

We outlined and showcased the deceit and unethical business practices that Visalus offers. Obviously you are interested in Visalus for one reason, to make money. There could be other reasons as well such as the achievement of being your own boss and running your own business. Unfortunately, Visalus preys on the unfortunate and uneducated with false hope. If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. The reality is opportunities exist all around us and there are a million ways to make money and it all begins with yourself. It begins with a shift of your mind, seeing the world from a different perspective; one that allows you to identify realistic opportunities and positioning yourself in a win-win outcome.

Thus we created Third Circle Theory, which won’t promise you a million dollars but will help shape you as an entrepreneur. If you are ready to learn from real innovators and game changers, then look into the Secret Academy where over 100 entrepreneurs share their stories.

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