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Secret Academy Episode – Jason Metz

As the CEO of Brand Influencers, Jason provides a blueprint for influencer marketing success, demonstrating brands how to control social intelligence and behavioral targeting to monetize social media and optimize consumer engagement – online and offline. For the past decade, Jason has created award-winning campaigns for brands including Porsche, Procter & Gamble, Nokia, MillerCoors, Beam Global, A&E, IBM, 3M, Acura, Johnson & Johnson and Adidas. True to his entrepreneurial self, he has created six successful businesses, from publishing to fashion.

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The California – Perfection in Motion

The Ferrari California is by far one of today’s most attractive propositions for those seeking the elegance of a Ferrari without having to go get their F1 Racing license. The Ferrari that became the first hardtop convertible exotic car has now been out for quite some time and sales have shown that it has built a following among women drivers and among GT owners. It is the perfect alternative to the Aston Martin DB9 or Maserati GrandTurismo GTS.

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Gimme a Burger – Innovation in the Kitchen!

It is not everyday that Secret Entourage goes out of its comfort zone to do a story on a burger joint unless of course there is a great reason to. As you know, we are the leaders in entrepreneurship, especially when it pertains to innovation, and this particular burger joint caught our attention because of its amazing focus on differentiating itself from the competition. How innovative can a Burger Restaurant really be? We go inside Gimme a Burger in Deerfield Beach, FL to find out.

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Secret Academy Episode – Rob Dahm

There are no shortcuts to success but only hard work, smart decisions, and the hunger for success. This is the belief of Rob Dahm, a successful yet realistic entrepreneur who is admired by many for keeping it real and staying humble. Rob’s success came from starting an Information Technology company in his local hometown which has grown over the years in terms of client base but also services provided. He now runs several other businesses but also spends his free time as a Youtube partner where he makes videos about cars and business tips.

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Watercooled IND – The Story

What differentiates a wheel company from another? It is true that most wheel companies have similar designs, similar prices, and all make similar promises but if all of those hold true, then what is it that makes them unique? In 2010, a young man approached us at Secret Entourage and told us about his dream of going to business for himself by creating a wheel company, and as entrepreneurs with great belief in people, it simply made sense for us to encourage him. We did however warn him of the road and challenges he would face in the years to come. This is his story told through our lens…

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Third Circle Theory – Are We The Sum of Our Choices?

Although many believe that we are nothing more than the by-product of our environment, we believe that we are nothing other than the by-product of our observations. In 2008, one man’s vision of what the world could be led to the creation of Secret Entourage, and 2013 will mark the birth of the system behind “How Visionaries are Created” with the introduction of the Third Circle Theory.

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Secret Academy Episode – Jordan Swerdloff

The wheel industry is a very crowded space with many new wheel manufacturers popping up left and right. What happens if you fail? Most would give up and pursue other venues. Jordan Swerdloff originally founded 360 Forged, a boutique high end wheel line. With unexpected positive response, the business grew faster than Jordan could manage and unfortunately he decided to leave that business in order to have the needs of his customers met and fulfilled by their new owners. Consider that a lesson learned since Jordan has since launched his second wheel line, ADV1 Wheels, which has had even more even greater success and continues to be one of the most respected and well known wheel manufacturers today.

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