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Secret to Success – Allen Wong

Everyday someone somewhere is trying to launch the next great app on the iPhone/iPad platform. Meet Allen Wong, a very successful app developer who shares his insight and tips in the elusive world of app development. Did we mention he’s the youngest self-made Lamborghini Aventador owner? Meet Allen of Rego Apps…

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Invest in Others With Common Beliefs

When communities, organizations, groups, clubs, or any other foundation that consists of people who come together, they do so because they share a common group of principles, values, or beliefs and together they hold a common goal, regardless if it is articulated or not.

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Luxury Real Estate – Malibu Beach At Its Best

Affordable is certainly not the first concern of the one willing to pay $26 million for this amazing Malibu Beach front property.  Located on the Pacific Coast Highway, the “Main Street” house of Malibu, California has come on to the market and is being offered for sale.  We are sure that the future lucky owner will want the current owner to leave the garage untouched.

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A Dead End Job Can Cost You!

At some point or another in our lives, we start becoming unproductive at work due to no longer feeling like we have a sense of purpose and despite collecting a paycheck, we somewhat still have quite a bit to lose actually. Continue Reading

SR Auto Group – Land Walker

Range Rovers have been redone over and over again by just about every tuner out in the market, yet very few come out with as much beauty and simplicity as Project Land Walker, an SR Auto Group masterpiece.  Featuring very subtle, yet effectively done modifications, Project Land Walker takes the crown as one of the most beautifully tuned full size Range Rovers of this latest generation of Rovers.

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The Acceptance of Failure

Many entrepreneurs will ratify that failing was never an option when they began their projects and ventures, but many will agree that failure is certainly real and must be dealt with appropriately to ensure you don’t actually fail in the long run.

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Secret Model – Leidy

After sharing with you one of the hottest model shoots of the unforgettable Beth last month, we figured this month we would turn things around with a much classier and sophisticated shoot, with our Secret Model Leidy.  This is a perfect combination that shows style and curves at the same time, which features the ADV1 S550 sitting on ADV8 wheels.  Photography and wardrobe provided by JQ Production.

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