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Can Money Buy Your Dreams?

As a debatable question very similar to “Can money buy happiness?”, most people without money will answer no, most with money will tell you YES even if they are unhappy. Money can buy you things and in some cases buying yourself things that will make you happy. You would think that as a result the answer is “yes”, if you are materialistic and simply just want anything, but what about those who are not materialistic?  Can money buy them anything?

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Secret to Success – Ben Bermudez

Being born within a family business can sometimes almost guarantee success and this would have been the case for Ben Bermudez, but mother nature destroyed not only his family business, but also his home and way of living. With this setback in life, Ben took a proactive approach in learning about his passion of cars and now owns Wheels Boutique, the nations largest wheel dealer.

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Top Marques Monaco 2012

One of our loyal readers and all around cool guy visited Monaco and had a chance to check out the Top Marques Monaco 2012 show. Being that Monaco is home to the uber rich, it was no surprise to see the likes of Bugatti, Pagani, Koenigsegg, and tons of other brands you probably never heard of or seen before. Check out the event coverage and also see a glimpse of the Monaco lifestyle.

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Watercooled IND – The Creation of a New Wheel

A few months have passed since we introduced you to the new wheel company known as Watercooled IND. Chris and his team have been working hard at creating new wheels for you all to enjoy and their latest is quite impressive. Introducing the new BL8 model exclusively from Watercooled IND, a mesh wheel with a bit of a twist. We asked Chris to tell us all about this new design!

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Is The Word “Money” The Solution Or The Problem?

Money: the fibrous paper that causes dreams to be made and crushed; worlds destroyed and people formulated. Life revolves around it and the world spins from people’s constant pursuit of it.

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Project 911 “Pegasus” – Gold Shoes

Last month we introduced you to one of the sexiest sets of 3 piece concave wheels by ADV1 to ever grace any of our vehicles. This month we switch it up for a different type of look. We had decided a while back that if Secret purchased a white Project car, we would put gold wheels on it. It only made sense to stay true to our word and actually get gold wheels. So we reached out to Forgestar Wheels for a set of gold monoblock wheels for Stage 2 of our project.

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Understanding Self – Actualization

It is said in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that 4 steps exist in a man’s life before he realizes what self-actualization really is and finds purpose in life.  In descending order, the needs begin with your most basic necessities which are physiological, such as water, food, sex etc.  Followed by your safety needs like being secure at your job, health, and so forth.  Lastly, followed by your love and esteem needs.  Self-actualization as you can see is clearly above all and the last point in the hierarchy you will reach in your life.

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