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Modulare Wheels – A Different Vision on Wheels

We are in the midst of a changing time for the wheel industry.  As little as ten years ago, there were few mainstream wheel brands to choose from, and a select few of those were dominating the scene.  Such goliaths as RAYS, BBS, and HRE went pretty much uncontested in their respective markets.

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The Power of Resistance – Part 2

As stated in The Power Of Resistance Part 1, every path towards success is a fight against resistance.  It is the force that wants, above all else, to keep you exactly as you are.  Resistance wants this so badly that it will destroy you.  It would rather kill you than have you change (not literally, but yes, it is that serious).  In this way, resistance is the psychological equivalent of gravity and like gravity it is an ever-present force of nature that can not be negotiated with.  It cannot be reasoned with or pacified.  However, despite its unflinching nature, you can overcome it.  Resistance will never ever play fair so you shouldn’t either.  When you find yourself staring down the specter of resistance, here are three great ways to kick sand in its face. Continue Reading

How to Identify Your Purpose

Steve Jobs said it best when he said: “Live every day as if its your last, as one day you will certainly be right. Stay hungry, stay foolish.” If you had to meet your widow maker tomorrow and were faced with remembering how you lived your life, including those you impacted with happiness, knowledge and positive energy, would you feel satisfied that the life you lived thus far?  Did you live it to your outer most potential? Continue Reading

Test Drive – Fisker Karma

Lately, the startup hybrid car manufacturer Fisker has been in the spotlight but for all the wrong reasons. First, it was due to loan constraints from the government which lead to recent Fisker layoffs and then more recently a handful of production vehicle issues came to light which also included Consumer Reports own Fisker Karma to break down within the first 200 miles. We got behind the wheels of the Fisker Karma for a day and we decided to see if all this bad press overshadowed a look into the future of hybrid luxury cars.

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Secret to Success – Neil Tjin

Neil Tjin, a former resident of Florida, who moved to California to further pursue his automotive endeavors modified his personal cars at such an extreme level that international recognition put his car on magazines throughout the world getting him noticed by brands such as Ford, Honda, and Scion who now commission him to build project cars.

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Amplify Your Strengths With Others

There is a lot of emphasis on picking the right team regardless of what your role is.  It is always very important to find the right people in order to roll out the project or work necessary.  We often spend time looking for people who complement our shortfalls and are able to to do what we cannot do, but perhaps it isn’t the best way to select your team.  If you simply hire those who only complement your deficiencies, then you are missing out on an important element, and that element is to grow yourself.

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63 Things Entrepreneurs Wish They Knew at 21

There’s no denying that the journey of entrepreneurship is one filled with ups and downs.  Very few people ever succeed immediately with their first venture or idea.  Experiencing these obstacles and failures also happens to be to be the best teacher of life and business itself. While we all wish we had the answers of today for yesterday, that unfortunately isn’t how life works. Thanks to these 63 entrepreneurs, they’ll be sharing their best advice they wish they knew at 21.

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