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Different Perspectives – Project Eagle Eye

sls amg project eagle eye

Project Eagle Eye, the world’s most striking SLS AMG has finally been completed thanks to the masterminds at SR Auto Group and PUR Wheels. Tony from SR Auto Group and Kevin of PUR wheels tell us all about this project and what it took to make it happen, but also share their thoughts on the wheel industry and where they see it going.

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Island Watch – Graf Zeppelin Review

graf zeppelin watch

Last month we brought you the line of Aeromatic watches offered by Island Watch as a great entry level watch right under $200. This month Island Watch decided to send us a beautiful dress watch that truly offers a lot of watch for the money but yet we had never heard of it. Introducing the Graf Zeppelin Chrono watch, a perfect alternative to Maurice Lacroix or Raymond Weil but yet at a fraction of the cost.

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Top Tuner Shops in the World – Part 1

Owning a tuning shop is no joke and as some of these next shop owners will tell you, it takes time to identify your brand with some of today’s hottest car makes and models. Many took over ten years to become the worldwide accepted powerhouses they are today. We identified 10 of the best tuning shops in the world based on the following categories; general public acceptance for being an automotive authority, past and current project cars, branding, and finally partnerships with other authorities. Here are our top 10 tuners in no particular order…

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Project M6 “Silver Bullet” Phase 7 – The Ultimate Driving Machine

2012 is finally here and that means project M6 will come to an end as we make room for our newest project car. For this final month, we will be focusing on the changes that our car went through performance wise. We reached out to Vivid Racing for a Meisterschaft GT2 Race Exhaust with Oval tips. We had previously picked up a round tip version of the same exhaust but never got to install it as we were offered $500 more than we paid for it. Left with no exhaust, we reached out to Vivid Racing and took one of their last GT2 exhausts at a very reasonable price.

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Day Trading – Can Anyone Do It?

The most recent financial article written for Secret Entourage had to do with what it takes to be a day trader. We cited multiple examples from our experience. To briefly recap those examples, it takes money, risk, education, practice, and most importantly discipline. The latter three are what is needed for a successful attempt at a career that can create wealth. That excitement of creating wealth is what draws many to the path of a day trader. In this article, we will expand on why we ultimately have chosen trading as a career and how we deal with the most stressful and difficult aspect of trading which is emotion.

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Sponsor Intro – WatercooledIND

Readers of Secret Entourage come from all backgrounds, some are successful entrepreneurs while others are in their startup phases. While most of our readers aren’t at their point in life to own exotic cars they dream of, they are car enthusiasts at heart. We are proud to announce our partnership with WatercooledIND, a new startup wheel company catering to the euro ‘stance’ crowd. For the guys who couldn’t afford ADV1 Wheels, these guys are for you…

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Understanding Your Goal Orientation

When most people talk about “goal orientation” they generally mean “how motivated are you to achieve your goals?” While this question may be fine for most people, I don’t think it helps most Secret Entourage readers. Reflecting on HOW motivated you are to achieve something may in fact actually lessen your drive (I’ll explain why in a future article). So if you’re going to do some soul-searching, spend your time taking a sober look at WHAT motivates you. This is precisely what psychologist Carol Dweck had in mind when she conducted her research on school children in the late 1970s.

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