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You Are Who You Play

In 1935, a small debate team from Wiley College in the sleepy town of Marshall Texas defeated the dominating national champion, The University of Southern California. This was a historically significant event as it marked a huge step forward for the legitimacy of the education provided by historically African American colleges and universities in the United States.

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Secret Entourage LUM – TEC M49 Watch

secret entourage Lumtec M49

The new Secret Entourage LUM-TEC watches are finally here after a long anticipated wait. The new pieces are the M49 stainless steel and M51 PVD, both automatic using a Japanese movement very similar to the one found in Rolex timepieces.

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5 Very Expensive Holiday Gift Ideas

Money can’t buy you love but it maybe able to buy a ton of affection during the holidays if you spend wisely! For many people who are uncomfortable expressing their affection in straight-forward terms (men especially), an expensive gift is often their way of saying “I love you and care about you”. In this spirit of generosity, here are the 5 most luxurious gifts for this year’s holiday season and they are not cheap…

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Small Business, Big Vision by Adam and Mathew Toren

A day doesn’t go by where you don’t hear of a business failure or perhaps a failed attempt at entrepreneurship and it is often blamed upon circumstance, resources, or people but very rarely do people link lack of vision to business failure.

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When Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work

If you’ve read my other articles, then you might think that I don’t like positive thinking. You’d be wrong. I love positive thinking. Research into motivation has shown time and time again that believing you will succeed at something really does increase your chances of succeeding (it’s something called Expectancy Value Theory). The problem is that the self-help gurus of the world fail to make one critical distinction when it comes to positive thinking. They fail to tell you that there are really two ways of thinking positive about achieving a goal and doing the wrong one will ensure that you become a world-class failure. Yes, it’s that serious.

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Sponsor Intro – Panatime

As car enthusiasts, we are a breed that enjoy personalization and expression of style. This occurs in all elements of our life from the clothes we select to the furniture we choose for our homes. We’ve always been advocates of watches as they can accentuate the common man into another class. Thankfully watches also are also capable of subtle changes that have huge impact on appeal. One of the common changes are the watch straps that can be upgraded anywhere from leather to alligator skin. We are proud to announce and introduce our latest sponsor Panatime, the premiere yet affordable, solution for aftermarket watch straps.

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A False Opportunity During Rough Times

It is no surprise to anyone that unemployment is high and that opportunities in corporate America are not what they were 5-7 years ago during our booming economy. What you may not have known is the number of multi-level marketing (MLM) companies out there that take advantage of these times to take your money, time, and effort in exchange for a false promise.

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