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Ultimate Guide – How to Make Money Selling Watches

We’ve discussed time after time the peer benefits of owning an exotic car or a beautiful timepiece in Stay Poor. We even went as far as breaking down for you the Best Watches Under $3000 and some history on watch makers like Panerai and Hublot. Did you know that there is a spectacular market behind buying and selling watches? There are lots of people buying and selling watches around the world without even owning a jewelry shop or having access to auctions. This growing market has recently seen its best days with the recession allowing dealers and resellers to pick up some of today’s hottest timepieces at a fraction of their costs and making big bucks selling them back at the right time.

So here is a breakdown of how you can make major money buying and selling amazing watches…

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D2 Forged – Cheap Wheels Don’t Count!

d2 forged wheels

Our friend Derrick at D2 called us and said he had an inexpensive cool new shirt he was releasing so people could rep his wheels on the streets, so we had to ask what they would look like. Fortunately for us, Derrick is a man that understands how to get to the car guys out there…Nothing like a beautiful women sitting on a beautiful Porsche 911 Turbo fitted with some MB1 Wheels. Enjoy this tshirt photoshoot and  check out what Derrick had to say about his new line of apparel!

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Secret To Success – Tom Cruz

It seems like a lot of people these days have turned to the internet in hopes to become the next dot com millionaire. Tom Cruz, owner of Apto Hosting and our proud web hosting provider, turned to the internet as well but from a different angle. After successfully clearing $100,000 running an ecommerce website in high school, Tom wanted a more scalable and passive income stream through the internet which lead him to start Apto Host. Tom gives us his insight and success to date from launching a business from nothing to running a 6 employee operation at just the young age of 22.

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Design Your Own Future!

Too many times we hear people tell us that they live in the wrong place and cannot be successful. They ultimately allow their circumstance to become their greatest obstacle by simply accepting their environment. These poor excuses for failure are unacceptable and show poor judgment. When seeking success, nothing should stop you, especially the environment you created for yourself thus far.

It is true that we all create an environment that is not necessarily favorable to us in the earlier stages of our lives but it is also true that we hold the power to change such environment at any given time. Creating the one we feel most appropriate for where we are going, not just where we are. Continue Reading

Secret Model – Courtney Walker

Introducing Courtney Walker as July’s Secret Model, a 20 year old bombshell from Dallas, Texas who met her match with the Bentley Continental Supersport and over 800HP combined from two Mitsubishi Evolution X cars courtesy of Jotech Motorsports. We reached out to Pepper Perfect to make this shoot happen and Courtney did great since she is not new to the modeling scene but rather very well know in the car modeling industry. Stay tuned as we will be bringing you the amazing story behind Jotech Motorsports and the racing legend behind it.

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Platinum Motorsport CL65 – Project Reventon

platinum motorsports cl65

Platinum Motorsport is notorious for leading some of today’s hottest matte car projects. Many would agree that their Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 own the streets of LA driving side by side with their matte widebody Bentley GT. We don’t usually cover builds as they can be often seen all over forums and car websites but this last one deserved some recognition for its uniqueness and how amazing it turned out. Starting with a 2012 brand new Mercedes Cl65 V12 Bi-Turbo and using the Lamborghini Reventon’s unique finish and features as inspiration, Project CL65R is by far the sexiest and most amazing Mercedes build ever. We will warn you that the following pictures are not for the weak hearted…

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Project Maserati Quattroporte “Mafia BOSS” – Phase 4

mafia boss

Last month we went over the perfect way to lower a Quattroporte to give Mafia BOSS that perfect stance. Despite the fact that many are hesitant to even tweak their Maserati as they are such a perfect blend of performance, reliability and beauty; we still feel like there is much room for improvement. This month we talk efficiency by showing you how tweaking the basic existing components of the car like the ECU and TCU can help wake up a side of your Maserati you didn’t know existed. Formula Dynamics once again steps up to the plate to help us with the performance side of things…

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