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Secret To Success – ADV1 Wheels

About 2 years ago, a wheel phenomenon started by the name of 360 Forged. Classic designs that were fresh, elegant and truly engaged the driver with luxury lifestyles. The wheels were designed to perfection and the phenomenon started taking over all the internet. Amazing pictures of exotic cars spotted wearing some of the industry’s finest shoes could be found just about everywhere and so we had the chance to meet the founder/owner of 360 Forged wheels at the time, Jordan Swerdloff, who was kind enough to give us an exclusive insight into his great success. Years have past since 360 Forged launched and unfortunately as many may already be aware, Jordan had to sell 360 Forged as business went sour as he no longer was able to manage the business. Stories spread all over the net and gave Jordan Swerloff a reputation that didn’t fit him very well…

Jordan has since laid low, and many believed that he simply was hiding from his failure, but as we all know failure is the secret to success and therefore Jordan wasn’t about to quit his passion for success nor becoming a wheel god. Secret Entourage is bringing you this exclusive 1 on 1 with Jordan where we get a chance to set the record straight once and for all on what went wrong with 360 Forged and how he plans to take over the wheel world with his new company: ADV1 Wheels.

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The Truth About Dealership Practices


I recently had a reader email me regarding a scam that he wanted exposed, one that I don’t believe is a scam but rather bad a bad business practice. We went back and forth for a few emails when I realized that perhaps I have yet to write an article about the key concept that we are discussing here. The readers concern was that a dealership had lied to him about his credit score and ability to qualify for a loan so that they could charge him a higher interest rate, so they would make more money on when selling it to the bank. His concern was the fact that they were making money on the loan as well as the car, which to him seemed unfair that he had to pay more because the dealer was making money by lying and therefore called this a scam. I called it reality and therefore we came to a disagreement…

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2011 Jaguar XJL – First Drive

201  jaguar xjl

This has been the car review month for us at Secret Entourage, it seems like we keep getting invited to car premieres and test drives that we simply never expected to occur all in the same month; nonetheless the cars are quite stunning and deserve a review. This car is no exception to the rule as this was probably our favorite drive between the Rolls Royce Ghost and Bentley Mulsanne which were nice but 4 times the money but not 4 times the car. This unexpected masterpiece came to us from the dying Jaguar who needed such a car to make its come back. Packed with state of the art technology, beautiful craftsmanship throughout and an engine that will leave sports cars behind at every traffic stop, we present you the newest and baddest jaguar yet, the XJL.

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Secret Model – Summer Preview

viper ferrari 360 models

Secret Entourage has been committed to bringing you some of today’s finest new faces and best photographers and this month is no exception as we introduce you to Secret Entourage’s newest crew member Mark Welkert of Dark Photography Designs.  After seeing some of Mark’s work posted on various sites, I realized that his work was very much aligned with Secret Entourage’s model of the month section and decided to give him a call and get the ball rolling on setting up a photo shoot.

For this particular shoot, we wanted to step it up 10 notches and therefore entrusted our friend Mark of Dark Photography Designs with our Lamborghini Murcielago, Ferrari 360,  Aston Martin Vantage, and our fully modded Viper. What unfolded was an epic shoot.

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Bargain of The Month – LUM

The LumTec M9 Chrono in PVD Finish

There are many posers and fakers out there that will pay significant amounts of money on replicas pretending to own name brand watches simply to attempt to belong to a group well above what they can afford to join. In our world, we believe that making money is great and that you should learn to spend it as well so more can stay in your pocket at the end of the day, which is why we bring you a new category called the Secret Bargain of the Month. We will show you a series of smart buys that are real and affordable, while placing you in a class of their own.

Our first bargain is: The LUM-TEC M9 Chrono in PVD Finish

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IMA Motorsport 997 Porsche GT3 Twin Turbo

ima motorsport porsche 997 gt3 twin turbo

A while back Secret Entourage had the benefit of sitting down with Ivan, owner of IMA Motorsport; a shop which specializes in BMW and Porsche Racing to talk about his secret to success. In the past few months, Ivan has been working on a project that he hopes will take his shop to the next level and help him get the right recognition worldwide within the Porsche Community.

Introducing the first ever Twin Turbo kit application in the world for the 996 and 997 non-turbo motors by IMA Motorsport.

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The Price of Admission

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