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Exotic Car Insurance

exotic car insurance

We discussed the best of the best exotics under $100,000 and the monstrous cost of ownership of one of these beautiful cars, but we never went into the cost of the insurance. So here we go.

Insurance is obviously very important when buying an exotic car, especially used as the smallest damages can cost more than the depreciated value of the car, and therefore leaving you with the cost of the car in repairs. So what does it cost to insure a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Aston Martin?

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Hyperfest Car Show

Hyperfest Car Show

Secret Entourage was at Hyperfest. Despite some heavy rain and storms in the morning, we still decided to head out and make it count. The day started slowly with headaches due to the rain. The mud was deep and nasty, the weather wet, the cars dirty and the people non existent, that is up until 11am when the sun paid the track a visit. So we had to bring out our favorite model Misty.

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The End Of The Recession Nears

The end of the recession

You always hear me talk about opportunities and the road ahead, well the time is now. BUY, BUY, BUY.

We discussed cash is king in a recession and the impact that consumer spending has on the recession. We also discussed the opportunities that arise in a recession. It’s like a giant red tag sale except you can’t pay with your credit card. This has been a long and crazy recession and the housing market boom was to blame. The great news is that it might be over soon, the bad news is after a recession, comes inflation. We learned about inflation and the problems that occur because of it, but what does inflation mean to financial opportunities?

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Retirement Planning Tips

Retirement planning is important but often neglected…

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Home Equity 101

What is a home equity line and why is it better than a regular loan?

America lives on debt, and obviously above its means… This reality is not going away and is simply a part of how we live, so let’s be smart about what we borrow and how to use it to our advantage. We used to look at our home as our nest egg or our own bailout money. Times have changed but reality remains that some have equity in their homes and still can get access to it at very attractive rates through a home equity loan.

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Mid – Atlantic Motor Club Exotic Car Rally from VA to NY

Exotic car rally

Ferrari F430 in exotic rally

Exotic car rallies like Gumball 3000 can be a lot of fun. You get to drive long distances with fellow enthusiast, get to meet new faces, discover new cities and of course admire people’s faces as 100 exotic cars drive past them at blistering speed, I mean at the speed limit. This last rally was no different. Organized by the Mid-Atlantic Motor Club, the rally was from Virginia to New York and only one day in length; making it short and sweet. Be sure to check out the gallery to see what you missed.

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Entourage Matters

hbo entourage

Who do you know? Who is in your entourage?

These two questions seem real simple to answer but reality remains that getting your entourage to look the part might be harder than you think and unfortunately will hold a big impact on your success.

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