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Tips For Financial Freedom

financial freedom

There are two types of “rich” in this world. There is wealth, which can be passed on to the next generation which helps create more money.There is new rich which allows you luxuries today, that can go away overnight. As self made entrepreneurs, we usually start with the new rich and end up wealthy if we work hard enough. When I think back of my earlier days of being rich, I think of some of the mistakes that I made and some of the successes that I had that can maybe help some of you get to the wealthy stage faster.

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Are You Motivated About Yourself?

The world we create around us is highly dynamic; the physics of what guides our decisions is complex. We are in an ever changing world that moves faster than we do in some cases, and becomes hard to catch up with if we fall too far behind. The reality remains that we are alone in this world no matter how much support we have and that we only become what we expect to create. Along the way come mentors, teachers and influences that help us remain motivated and guide our efforts the right way, these people come and go with time but our motivation doesn’t have to.

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President Obama’s First 100 days

obama office

Obama’s first 100 days are up and I thought we would take a moment to actually review his progress and see if the hype over his great speeches were justified.

His first orders of business were focused around cracking down on the corruption and pork that exist within politicians everywhere. He signed in a bill to put a ceiling on the pay of senators, governors and politicians everywhere putting many restrictions on side projects as well as pay. This move was a good one but it came with its shares of drawbacks, most of his elected cabinet was somehow involved in these side businesses and therefore decided to not run for office so they would save him and themselves some embarrassment.

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Politics of Global Warming

global warming

Global warming seems to be on everyone’s mind these days and seems to be an issue that is actually coming to a critical stage. One might actually say that it is very important that we adress it somehow unified as a country, or the world to be exact before we all pay the consequences.

So where do we go from here?

There is a bigger issue at hand than the actual warming of the planet, its the fact that our government is divided on the issue, we actually can’t get the Republicans and Democrats to agree that we need to act, instead we get more debates that lead nowhere.

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You Get What You Expect

inspirational poster

In our pursuit of success, no matter what the definition of success might be, we often set goals for ourselves, but are those goals really where we want to go or rather what we settle for?

I often speak to folks that have dreams of luxuries and lavish lifestyles but then immediately change their dreams and hopes the moment the cost of it comes to play.

Why is it that people lack self confidence and can’t hold on to their dreams, they are often paralyzed by the thought that others may mock them if they fail.

Remember that no one will make your dreams come true but you so why be intimidated that a world filled with jealousy does not agree with you or does not wish you to succeed, why invest a minute of your time acknowledging others that thrive on your failure so they can justify why they will not make it?

I strongly believe that you should go for the first prize and only settle on second place if you couldn’t make it despite your hardest efforts. Please don’t settle for anything less than perfection or its exactly what you will get. Remember that you set your reach anywhere you want but the lower the reach, the quicker you get there, except “there” wont be where you want to be. So pick carefully.

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