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Tips For Financial Freedom

financial freedom

There are two types of “rich” in this world. There is wealth, which can be passed on to the next generation which helps create more money.There is new rich which allows you luxuries today, that can go away overnight. As self made entrepreneurs, we usually start with the new rich and end up wealthy if we work hard enough. When I think back of my earlier days of being rich, I think of some of the mistakes that I made and some of the successes that I had that can maybe help some of you get to the wealthy stage faster.

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Are You Motivated About Yourself?

The world we create around us is highly dynamic; the physics of what guides our decisions is complex. We are in an ever changing world that moves faster than we do in some cases, and becomes hard to catch up with if we fall too far behind. The reality remains that we are alone in this world no matter how much support we have and that we only become what we expect to create. Along the way come mentors, teachers and influences that help us remain motivated and guide our efforts the right way, these people come and go with time but our motivation doesn’t have to.

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You Get What You Expect

inspirational poster

In our pursuit of success, no matter what the definition of success might be, we often set goals for ourselves, but are those goals really where we want to go or rather what we settle for?

I often speak to folks that have dreams of luxuries and lavish lifestyles but then immediately change their dreams and hopes the moment the cost of it comes to play.

Why is it that people lack self confidence and can’t hold on to their dreams, they are often paralyzed by the thought that others may mock them if they fail.

Remember that no one will make your dreams come true but you so why be intimidated that a world filled with jealousy does not agree with you or does not wish you to succeed, why invest a minute of your time acknowledging others that thrive on your failure so they can justify why they will not make it?

I strongly believe that you should go for the first prize and only settle on second place if you couldn’t make it despite your hardest efforts. Please don’t settle for anything less than perfection or its exactly what you will get. Remember that you set your reach anywhere you want but the lower the reach, the quicker you get there, except “there” wont be where you want to be. So pick carefully.

Secret Model – Kristin Watson


  1. Model: Kristin Watson
  2. Photos: Christopher W  & Steve S
  3. Copyrights: Exclusive to Secret Consulting LLC.

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Should You Trust a CARFAX Report?

We sometimes fear what we don’t know, especially when buying a used car. What if its been in an accident, what if it was abused, what if it had numerous problems and the owner just dumped it? These are all questions that usually keeps people away from buying a used car and rather makes them pay more money for a new one. There are ways however one can educate themselves on a particular vehicle and save themselves money.

Most of you have guessed it, the first step is the more mainstreamed one and the most famous: CARFAX. It is well known that CARFAX has set itself as the leader in automotive report but there are some things you should know about CARFAX.

  • It does not know everything
  • It doesn’t always know about smaller fender benders
  • It wont always know about service records
  • Ownership is not always accurate

Those are simply some small flaws that the system has but are no biggie, as there are other ways besides CARFAX that you can educate yourself on your next purchase. AUTO CHECK is well know for catching the small items that CARFAX sometime misses and is a good addition to your reporting.

The final steps you should take is obtaining the service records for the car by simply calling the dealership (any of the same make), giving them the VIN and understanding the previous owner’s commitment to maintaining his car. Once that has been established, simply visually inspect the vehicle to make sure no panels were repainted; look for screws and bolts having been removed and replaced around the inside of the fenders and bumper by opening the hood and trunk areas, also look for aligned doors and panels.

Direction of Automotive Industry

auto industry

It is now clear that General Motors going bankrupt and dropping Pontiac is only one of many companies that will have to cut its loose ends during this recession. It seems that despite the auto industry’s sales picking up a bit in the first and second quarters of 2009, the cuts are not yet done.

American car manufacturers like General Motors will continue to suffer due to poor products, management and awful marketing but others are doing fairly well and taking this recession as an opportunity to grow into a better and smarter company.

Lets look at some examples:

Ford has done a great job in adapting to this economy and making changes to its line gradually since 2005, so that it would be ready to attack strong in 2010. It has redesigned it Focus, teamed up with Microsoft for its technology and made more hybrid vehicles available, without mentioning that their designs and levels of quality are increasing.

Following Ford has been Korean auto maker Hyundai who recently introduced its “Genesis” sedan and coupe and has changed its commitment to quality as well. Hyundai was known for making affordable cheap cars but it has taken this recession seriously and decided to re brand itself as the alternative to luxury at a great saving. Their latest is reviewed and compared to the top of the line Lexus or Mercedes but costs a fraction of the competition.

These two companies Ford and Hyundai are some of the big shakers and movers to watch, they offer great products, at attractive prices and continue to remain innovative. they make big leaps while others simply try to catch up.

How To Modify Your Home Loan?

The real estate market got us in this mess to begin with, some were taken advantage of and some knew exactly what they were getting into but the reality remains that in order for all of us to win and help the country recover, we must find a way to keep people in their homes.

If your mortgage is readjusting and you are about to see a huge hike, what can you do?

I get asked this question about 10 times a day and yet the solution is simpler than you think. There are two facts that you must keep in mind so that you don’t waste your time.

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